Is the anime ‘Chainsaw Man’ on fire? Is there a signature asking for a re-animation?

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Anime “Chainsaw Man” is actually in flames … “Eva” Mr. Hideaki Anno also held his head. “Fan runaway”

Anime “Chainsaw Man” (TV Tokyo and others)  , whose final episode was broadcast at midnight on December 27th.

Based on Tatsuki Fujimoto’s popular manga serialized in Shonen Jump+. Set in Japan, where the existence of “devils” that cause harm to humans is rampant, the main character, who is connected with the “chainsaw demon” with a special feeling, becomes a “Majin,” who is a fusion of humans and demons. It is a story confronting the “evil organization” that manipulates it.

The distinctive characters and powerful battle scenes are popular, and great expectations were placed on the stage when the anime adaptation was decided.

“It seems that the 12th episode will be the end of the first season, but after the broadcast, related words became trending on Twitter, and the theme song sung by Kenshi Yonezu and Vaundy was also popular. Since then, there will almost certainly be a sequel.” (entertainment writer)

However, this writer points out that there was an interesting phenomenon in the anime “Chainsaw Man.”

“The opinions on the internet were primarily positive, but there was also a fire. The reason was that the depiction different from the original was unsatisfactory, and the image used in the ending video was a Trepac (suspicious trace). , and so on.

There was a drawing that looked like famous fan art was traced from above, but from the first viewer’s perspective, the composition is similar… Some of these voices have intensified, and even online petitions have begun to demand that the series be reanimated.”

The original author, Mr. Fujimoto, has opened a Twitter account called “Nagayama Koharu” with the setting of “a girl in the third grade of elementary school.” On that account, the anime broadcast was live in real-time, but after the final episode on the 27th,

Thank you very much for making an animation of Chensoman!》 I’m glad you picked up my dirty lines! The manga will continue! Thank you!

He tweeted his thanks.

“Since manga and anime are different, the original author is aware of the slight changes in depiction. Therefore, it could have missed the mark.

In this “Chainsaw Man,” some radical tweets criticized Mr. Ryu Nakayama, the director, and poked the corner of the past remarks.

It has long been a problem that there are anime directors who are suffering from such fan recklessness.

Mr. Hideaki Anno, who directed ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’ for many years, revealed his experience of suffering from slander and intimidation during the release of the theatrical version produced after the television broadcast, and was driven into a corner both physically and mentally.” ( net news editor)

It is said that affection and bondage are a fine line, but it seems that there are fans who seek “excessive bondage” in anime works as well.

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