Episode 129: ‘Hiroaka’ Endeavor and Hawks. Depicting two heroes with physical and mental scars

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The synopsis and scene cuts of episode 16 (129 episodes in total) of “Hell’s Todoroki-Kun House 2” of the Yomiuri TV/Nippon TV anime “My Hero Academia” 6th Season “All Out War” have been released.  Hawks in childhood with darkness… Heroes who suffered significant damage from

Hawks, who Dabi’s “individuality” Soen seriously injured, go with Best Jeanist. The two head to a certain place while repelling the enemy (villain) rampaging in the turbulent city. Meanwhile, Hawks remembers his childhood and his harsh life with his parents.

On the other hand, Endeavor, who is in the hospital, remembers that Dabi was his son, Touya and that he could not protect Shoto when Dabi cornered him, and he realizes his powerlessness. What appeared there was…!? Endeavor and Hawks is an episode centered on two physically and mentally injured heroes in the “All-Out War” arc.

The original work is a popular manga that has sold over 65 million copies. A story of growing up with friends at Yuei High School, a prestigious hero training school, to become a “hero” who protects the “enemy” (villain), a criminal who abuses his personality.

It has been serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” since July 2014, and the first season of TV animation started in April 2016, and the movie version has also been released.

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