YOASOBI’s ‘Idol’ Anime Continues to Top the Overall Ranking for 12 Weeks Even After the Final Episode, Kenshi Yonezu’s ‘Tsuki wo Mittata’ Appears for the First Time and Ranks No. 3

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YOASOBI “Idol” won the top spot for 12 consecutive weeks on the Billboard JAPAN comprehensive song chart “JAPAN Hot 100,” released on July 5, 2023 (counting period: June 26-July 2, 2023). bottom. In the week when the final episode of the TV anime “[ Oshi no Ko ]” (TOKYO MX, etc.) was broadcast on June 28, the overall points of “idol” decreased, but the momentum did not stop, and it was ranked 2nd.

The point difference was about 1.7 times. It has held first place in three categories: streaming, video, and karaoke for six consecutive weeks. In addition, the queen bee “Mephisto” at the end of “Oshi no Ko” increased by 8.8% points from 18th to 15th place last week.

In particular, downloads jumped from 12th to 5th, and videos jumped from 55th to 18th. Sakurazaka46’s 6th single, “Start over!” won 2nd place overall. Regarding other indexes, it ranked 6th for download, 6th for streaming, 40th for radio, and 44th for video. Kenshi Yonezu, the theme song of “FINAL FANTASY XVI, “was released on June 26. “I was watching the moon” first appeared in the overall 3rd place.

The download was 29,349 DL, surpassing the 20,907 DL of the previous work “LADY” and winning first place. In other indexes, it got off to a good start, ranking 1st for radio and 21st for streaming.

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