In the 37th episode of “Yashahime: Princess Half-Young,” the battle with Dew is settled! Tomato Setsuna.

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The TV anime “Yashahime: Princess Half-Young” Chapter 2 (Yomiuri TV / NTV, every Saturday evening from 5:30 pm * excluding some areas) will be broadcast on December 25th in episode 37 “Zero’s Feelings.” Thoughts “.

If you defeat the dew, Rin’s mysterious mother will die if you connect with the dew with the thread on her edge. She desperately tries to stop the crocodile, but when she is tossed by her memory and runs away with her anger, the voice of the crocodile does not reach the story of the last time.

And this week, the battle with the dew that continues from the chapter of Ichi is finally settled. The silver-scale curse on the phosphorus and the mystery of her lost memory became a big mountain to solve at once.

Even if Towa stopped me, I was in a state where I couldn’t stop my runaway anymore, but I was hit on my cheek and said, “I had such a painful feeling …! Forget about me and live happily! ” There, Setsuna shows the memory of Setsuna, who was entrusted by her mother, Rin, and was sealed in her dream butterfly.

In the forest fire, I pushed the tongue to protect her from the fallen trees. She loses sight of her from there, and while wandering alone, she encounters a jaken. Jaken advises that the spirit of the period tree attaches the pupa of the dreaming butterfly to those close to Rin and lets them carry their dreams and sleep through the emerged butterfly, and Rin keeps sleeping, which delays the progress of the curse. In response, he attached the pupa to his soul and sealed his memory.

But it wasn’t just for Rin, but also for erasing memories that were too terrible for young children. I thought that I had forgotten about myself and lived happily, but when I learned of the painful memory that had been lost, I hugged him, saying, “I will never let go!” Because of that … I’m sorry, my sister. “

And Towa conveys her gratitude that she could regain her bond with Setsuna by dew. She remembered being loved by everyone in her Higurashi family, including Kusata Daddy. When her prospectus is shattered, Koryu tries to kill her, but then Setsuna notices the thread of her rim that connects Koryu with the dog general. Koryu was sympathetic to the dog general, a human woman who loved Inuyasha’s mother, Jurokuya, and died protecting the human woman. She blamed herself because she couldn’t protect the general, even though she knew the general’s death by her four-soul ball prophecy.

She also has her hatred for her because she has the strength nurtured by her much love and is full of love like a general. She realizes that she is jealous. When her unforgettable dew unravels the thread on her edge, she unravels Rin’s curse, which was about to cover her entire body with scales. Then! Riku, ordered by her dew, stabs her chest in tears. And at the end, Koryu shows that Kirinmaru hates Hanyo because her daughter, Rion, was killed by Hanyo.

On SNS, Setsunagawa, who regained his memory, was called “one-chan,” Many voices said, “Towatase na, crying” when the sister’s stubbornness disappeared. At the end of the emotions that were too entwined, saying, “It was beautifully scattered” and “I’m glad I ended up with a good person at the end,” there were some voices that were relieved to settle while feeling bittersweet.

Furthermore, what was most exciting this time was the “special ED (ending)” that suddenly flowed as the story continued, which was different from the usual time.

In addition to voices praising the production, such as “Here the special ED cries,” “Today’s end is messed up,” “The entry of ED, God,” and the music of “Transparent World,” it is released from the curse of silver scales. About the scene where Sesshomaru holds the slaughtered Rin in his arm, there is excitement such as “Rin-chan was good!”

However, “Hanyou no Yashahime” does not end with a moist impression. Even though his parents Inuyasha and Kagome, Sesshomaru was robbed by Kirin Maru, he was given the sealed black pearls. As expected, the ending of Kirinmaru vs. Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha is …⁉ It seems that Sesshomaru will also participate!

The PV with SE (“NEW ERA” ver.) Of “Yashahime: Princess Half-Young,” released after the broadcast of episode 37, including many preceding videos of the number of episodes to be broadcast in the future!
In addition, an homage to the OP video of the TV anime “Inuyasha” is also given in various places, making it a must-see PV for fans!

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