Shoma Uno & Marin Honda, Luffy & Vivi co-starred as a couple in ‘Alabasta’ famous scene ‘ONE PIECE ON ICE.’

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The public rehearsal of the ice show ” ONE PIECE ON ICE ~ Episode of Alabasta ~,” which will start on August 11th, was held in Yokohama on the 10th. Shoma Uno, Nobunari Oda, Marin Honda, Miyu Honda, and Takahito Mura will participate. Uno and Marin, who had announced their relationship, became a couple and performed skating in perfect harmony.

The first ice show in the history of ONE PIECE “Alabasta Edition” “ONE PIECE ON ICE ~Episode of Alabasta~” is the first ice show in the history of the TV anime “One Piece” series. Japan’s leading skaters gather to express the word “ONE PIECE” with the speed and dynamism unique to figure skating, skating in line with the lines of anime voice actors, skating with the characteristics of the characters. In the public rehearsal, Uno, Tanaka, Miyu, Oda, Shimada, and Watanabe, who play the Straw Hat Pirates, and Marin, who plays the princess Vivi of Alabasta, who is the stage of this work, gave a powerful performance just like the real thing. Show off.

The scene of the “friend’s mark” symbolizing “Alabasta” and the famous scene of Luffy and Vivi were also shown, and the press erupted in a big round of applause. “Alabasta” is a renowned episode with fans that was made into a TV animation from 2001 to 2002.

Set in the desert kingdom “Alabasta,” which is on the verge of collapse due to the conspiracy of the mysterious secret society “Baroque Works,” this is a magnificent story in which Princess Vivi and the Straw Hats Pirates, led by the main character Luffy, stand up to save the country. The work will be performed in Yokohama from August 11th to 13th and Nagoya from September 2nd to 3rd. Monkey D. Luffy/Shoma Uno Roronoa Zoro/Nami Tanaka Keiji Nami/Miyu Honda Usopp/Sanji Oda Nobunari/Koshiro Shimada Tony Tony Chopper/Rinka Watanabe Nefertari Vivi/Honda Marin Koza/Kazuki Tomono Sir Crocodile/Takahito Mura Miss All Sunday/Marie Ogawa Mr.2 Bon Clay/Rika Hongo (model press editorial department) (C) Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Fuji Television/Toei Animation “One Piece on Ice” Production Committee [Not Sponsored Article]

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