In the third episode of ‘Princess Connect,’ the first appearance of ‘Nakayoshi Club,’ the related word topics ‘grains pickled in sodium chloride’ and ‘Cheerun.’

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TV anime “Princess Connect! The second term of “Re: Dive” (Princess Connect!) The third episode of “Re: Dive Season 2” was broadcast on the 25th. From the third episode, [St. Teresa Jogakuin (Nakayoshi Club)] first appeared, and related words such as “Nakayoshi Club” and “Grain pickled in sodium chloride” have become a hot topic on Twitter.

The third episode, “Tea Party in the Mysterious Forest-Afternoon is a Dangerous Scent-” is Yuuki and Kokkoro. They reunited with Aoi in an unfamiliar uniform at a shop in Landsol. I heard that she is now attending “St. Teresa Jogakuin,” one of the leading girls’ schools in Landsol. Yuki and his friends go to “St. Teresa Jogakuin” with her to help Aoi, who confesses her worries if she doesn’t get used to the atmosphere of her glittering girls’ school.

Konomi Kohara is in charge of the role of Uni, a member of the Nakayoshi club, Atsumi Tanezaki is in charge of the role of Chloe, and Ayane Sakura is in charge of the role of Chieru. In the long-awaited appearance of the Nakayoshi club, there were voices such as “Cheerun ☆, “Grain pickled in sodium chloride w,” “Nakayoshi club, everyone is cute,” “Like drawing! Everyone is cute!” There is.

“Princess Connect! “Re: Dive” is a game jointly developed by CyberAgent and Cygames, “Princess Connect! As a sequel to the game, the popular game of the same name, distributed since February 2018, is the original. It is a fantasy work in which Pecoline, Kokkoro, and Cal meet at an event and form a guild, “Gourmand Hall,” to travel. The first period of TV animation was broadcast from April to June 2020.

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