Gundam: ‘Theatrical version work’ popularity ranking No. 1 is decided!

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From June 15th to June 28th, 2021, the Netorabo Survey Team conducted a questionnaire asking, “Which is your favorite” Gundam series “theatrical version?”

In this survey, we received a total of 483 votes. Thank you! Let’s see the result. (Survey period: June 15-June 28, 2021, valid responses: 483 votes, question: which is your favorite “Gundam series” movie version?)

  1. Mobile Suit Gundam series

The second place is the ” Mobile Suit Gundam Series.” The number of votes received was 80, and the voter turnout was 16.6%. This is the omnibus of the TV anime “Mobile Suit Gundam,” the so-called “First Gundam.” It consists of three works, “Mobile Suit Gundam,” “Mobile Suit Gundam II Sorrow / Warrior Edition,” and “Mobile Suit Gundam III Meguriai Space Edition,” with new cuts not found in the TV anime version. In the comment section, there were voices such as “Meguriai Space Edition This is the best” and “Especially” Sorrow / Warrior “is the best in the 1st!”

  1. Mobile Suit Gundam Char’s Counterattack

The first place is ” Mobile Suit Gundam Char’s Counterattack. ” The number of votes received is 153, and the percentage of votes obtained is 31.7%. A work released in 1988, the final battle between Amuro Ray, the main character of the TV anime “Mobile Suit Gundam,” which is the origin of the Gundam series, and rival Char Aznable, and later “Second Neo Zeon Conflict” The battle between Rondo Bell and Neo Zeon is depicted. The mobile suit ” Sazabi ” that appeared in this work is known as a popular aircraft among fans and won first place in the popular vote of Char’s boarded aircraft recently conducted by the Netorabo Survey Team. In the comment section, there was a voice saying, “The video and the song are still valid. The timing of the music is excellent!”

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