‘Kimetsu no Yaiba’ ‘Mutual evaluation’ between Umeda Tengen and other pillars Purgatory said ‘flashy! Don’t stand out from me!’

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Does Umeda Tengen hate people who are more flashy than you?

The 8th episode of the anime “Kimetsu no Yaiba Yukaku Hen” is a depiction that was not in the original manga. Still, now the dead flame pillar, Kyojuro Rengoku, has three people, such as the sound pillar, Umeda Tengen. A conversation scene that entrusted me with “I asked you” appeared and brought tears to the viewers. In addition, while PurgatoryPurgatory evaluates Umeda, it contains a line that says, “My wife is a little too many.” It is called “I would like to collect the description of the” Official Fan Book “here.”

The “fan book” here is the “Devil’s Blade Official Fan Book Demon Killing Corps Memorandum, Vol. 2,” released in April 2021 after the end of the original serialization and the “pillar correlation” in it. In the “Words and Deeds section,” “What do the nine pillars think of the other pillars?” Is described.

The evaluation of Purgatory’s Umeda in the list “The trajectory of the sword technique is beautiful! I saw Shinobi for the first time! Impressed! There are too many wives!” It was reflected in this original part. As far as I can see from the fan book, it’s more like a gag, but its use in the moving development of anime was beautiful.

What is worrisome here is how Umeda Tengen, the central part of the “Yukaku edition,” evaluated the other pillars and what the other eight people thought.

Sound Hashira Tengen Umeda felt about other pillars.

First of all, it seems that Umeda tends to judge people not only by pillars but also by “whether they are flashy or flashy.” He’s a bad guy, but the PurgatoryPurgatory said, “I can’t be like him,” is commented as “flashy! Don’t stand out from me! But it’s a perfect guy!”

In addition, it seems that I hate having people who are more flashy than myself, and I was envious of the fact that the color of the eyes on the snake pillar and Ikuro is different on the left and right, clearly saying, “It’s flashy and regrettable!” it seems like. In addition, the love pillar, Kanroji, also pointed to the color and clothes of the hair and said, “Weird woman. Flashy and angry.”

On the contrary, the two people who were particularly quiet among the pillars, the water pillar, and Tomioka, were “Negaku! Always like a funeral”, and the Kasumi pillar and Tokito were “blurred. What was surprising was that while calling the insect pillar butterfly “serious,” it was evaluated as “a little flashy.” After all, that haori and hair ornaments seemed to stand out even from the eyes of Umeda. In addition, I feel the same thing that everyone seems to think that the wind pillar and the Immortal River are “dangerous and kid-like” (to the mansion when the Immortal River became a pillar). It may be natural if you look at the rant), and like the other pillars, the rock pillar and screaming ridge, which is famous as the strongest pillar, said, “I saw a bigger one than myself for the first time.

Of course, I think it was after acknowledging everyone’s strength, but it seems that Umeda is a little blunt. By the way, it is also impressive that he made a comment that seems to be the only married person in the pillar regarding the two female pillars (although it is a bit sexually harassed).

Did Umeda break up with the other pillars?

Sound pillar Evaluation from other pillars of Umeda Tengen

In addition to the comments from PurgatoryPurgatory mentioned above, Umeda received various evaluations from other pillars. Tomioka thinks that he is “free and a little envious,” and Immortal River says that he is “a little big brother” and “like a wig,” and he is evaluated inside out as he was worried. In addition, Kocho was the first of the “Yukaku Hen” to take away Aoi and his friends, and he said he had a little crushed. I’m scared to imagine. From Tokitoru, a section was a little ridiculous, saying, “It looks like a monkey. Sometimes my head is messed up.”

From the screaming ridge, “calm. I am looking at my ability accurately, and I have no grace”, and the character of the essence as a shinobi behind the flashiness is firmly evaluated. Also, while Kanroji, who loves other pillars, said, “The sex appeal of adults is amazing!”, It was a surprising evaluation, “There is a place like a 10-year-old child, and it is interesting!”

Speaking of which, at the “Hashira Meeting” scene, Kanroji thought in his heart that he was “cute” and “wonderful” every time the other pillars said something, but he was thinking nothing about Umeda. I remember not having it. When Ishiguro strongly suppressed Kanjiro, and his blood vessels were about to rupture, it was impressive that Umeda was happy to say, “Go! Rupture!”

And, Ikuro, who was jealous of Odd-eyed cats, left a lot of comments about him. “We talked about each other’s upbringing. I feel uncomfortable with my bloodline and regret having my brother, but I respect him because he never looks dark.” Indeed, the past of Umeda revealed in the “Yukaku edition” was spectacular. Also, Iguro’s past, which will be revealed at the end of the original story, is a sad story that can be said to be one of the best in “Kimetsu no Yaiba,” so I’m wondering how Umeda reacted when he heard that past.

The pillars of the demon slaughter corps tend to say that they are strict, but according to the fan book, Umeda’s “overall unraveling frequency” is 88%. It is the fourth highest after Purgatory (95%), Screaming Temple, and Kanroji Temple (90%). It’s a little flashy, but it’s natural because it has excellent communication skills.

By the way, the fan book “Pillar Correlation Words and Actions” is a story of mutual impressions when PurgatoryPurgatory is alive, so the relationship between the pillars that have grown and changed after the “Yukaku” and various battles after that. Gender and the image of each other will have changed significantly again.

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