‘Isekai Wandering Meshi with Toddler Skills’ will be made into a TV animation Cast of Yuma Uchida & Satoshi Hino & Hina Kino, Produced by MAPPA.

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It was announced on the 29th that “Dangerous Skills and Different World Wandering Meshi” (author: Ren Eguchi) will be made into a TV animation. MAPPA is in charge of the production, and Yuma Uchida, Satoshi Hino, and Hina Kino will appear as the main cast. They are scheduled to be broadcast on TV Tokyo and others from January 2023.

“Let’s become a novelist” has exceeded 1 billion page views, and the series has sold over 4.5 million copies. Mukoda Tsuyoshi (Mukoda), an ordinary office worker whose hobby is cooking, is summoned to another world. The unique skill in another world is “Net Supermarket,” which at first glance seems to be shoddy, but the modern food ordered with this skill has an outrageous effect.

In addition to Uchida acting as an ordinary office worker Mukoda (Tsuyoshi Mukoda) is summoned to another world, Hino is in charge of the legendary demonic beast Fer, and Kino is in order of the slime Sui. Produced by MAPPA, the production company behind Chainsaw Man and Zombieland Saga, and directed by Kiyoshi Matsuda.

A teaser visual has also been released, showing a scene where Mukoda, Fenrir Sui, and others are about to eat freshly cooked rice. In addition, an official website and Twitter have also been opened.

The original celebratory illustration has also arrived. In addition, it has been decided that the emergency live unique number that will be animated will be distributed on YouTube (MAPPA CHANNEL) and Nico Live from 7:00 pm on November 3rd. The main cast will convey the work’s charm in the unique program, and Uchida’s cooking corner will also be realized. Furthermore, the PV produced by MAPPA has been released for the first time, and the cast of Ninril, the wind goddess, will also be announced.

Comment from Yuma Uchida
I think the concept of skill has become familiar to many people, but if you think about what kind of “outrageous skill” it is, it is a “net supermarket.” A supermarket in another world…? I was caught off guard. I remember being very excited when the role was decided because it was a work with a cooking theme.

This work is not about reincarnating in a different world and helping people or playing an active role as a hero, but a relaxing work that travels around the other world. And above all, the food in the results looks delicious. So I would like you to relax your shoulders and enjoy it as a daily healing.

Comment from Satoshi Hino
“Democratic Skill” is an exciting and heartwarming work, so I was thrilled when I got the role of Fer! But, at the same time, when I heard about the cast around me, I was convinced that this would be a fun scene (laughs).

Fer’s charm is his dignity and strength and the naughty cuteness he shows here and there (laughs). Be sure to see him eating and eating various dishes made by Mukoda for the first time!

The charm of “Dangerous Skills” is the friendly interaction during meals! I realize every time that the power of delicious rice is fantastic. It makes me feel happy when I play! I’m sure everyone who watches it will feel the same way!

Hina Kino’s comment
Sui is a baby slime and a charming character! I added some ad-libs to make the slime look different from humans and animals. A lot of delicious dishes come out in this work every time! I’ve always liked gourmet work, so I’m happy to be in the position. Please look forward to the broadcast!

Director Kiyoshi Matsuda’s comment
This is Matsuda, the director. The production site is working hard to reproduce the charm of the original novel and manga in animation. Not only the character but also the cooking scene is made with enthusiasm! I can deliver an anime that will make your stomach growl when you watch it. Whether you’re a fan of the original work or a first-timer, please look forward to the broadcast even though it’s a bit later!!

Comment from Mr. Ren Eguchi, the original author
“Todemo Skill de Isekai Wandering Meshi” will become an anime! When I received the offer to make it into an anime, I didn’t have much of a sense of reality, but as I received various materials, I slowly began to realize, “Oh, it’s going to become an anime.”. I am truly grateful and honored. Thanks to all the readers who always supported me, I got an offer to make it into an anime. Thank you very much!

And I’m grateful to the illustrator, Mr. Miyabi, who breathed life into a character I could only imagine. I am also grateful to Akagishi K-sensei and Futaba Momo-sensei, who is in charge of the canonicalization. Finally, I thank the production team for enthusiastically creating the animation.

MAPPA, who has worked on many topical works, is the creator. Expectations are higher than ever. I can’t help but look forward to seeing Mukoda, Fel, and Sui in action. Thank you for your continued support of “Wandering in Another World with Outrageous Skills”! Be sure to check out the anime as well!

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