Four ‘ unforgivable villains’ in the jump work

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“I can’t forgive this character alone!” “I often love my favorite character.!” I think that there are many readers who think of villain characters that are the enemies of their eyes in their favorite manga and anime works.

In this article, we picked up four absolute villains that can not be forgiven from the works published in “Weekly Shonen Jump,” and it is a representative that is too heeled. I will introduce it together with various scenes. * There are descriptions related to the life and death of characters appearing in “Jujutsu Kaisen,” “My Hero Academia,” “Gintama,” and “ONE PIECE.”

“Jujutsu Kaisen” Mahito First of all, Mahito appears in the blockbuster work “Jujutsu Kaisen.” The fans of this work are probably the first characters to be named “unforgivable villains.” A special-grade spell that transforms and remodels the shape of human beings while maintaining consciousness with the ability of “Idle Transfiguration” to manipulate the form of the soul. It is one of the greatest nemesis of the main character, Yuji Itadori, and it is impressive that the tiger cane is the first person to turn hatred and murder. Speaking of the typical heel episode currently being broadcast in anime, it is a case that brutally played with Junpei Yoshino, an ordinary person. Yoshino was a high school student who had been bullied at school and was originally a person who had nothing to do with “magic” or “curse.” You will be on the road. After that, Yoshino met a tiger cane and hit it off by talking about his favorite movie. He began to regain his bright smile, but a ghost killed his mother as part of the cause. Masato approaches the desperate Yoshino and misleads that the cause of his mother’s death is the high school students and teachers Yoshino attends. Yoshino is deceived and attacks the school. A tiger cane rushed in and tried to persuade Yoshino to run away. I thought that one case would be settled … Masato came and remodeled Yoshino with the ability of “Idle Transfiguration.” Roughly remodeled, Yoshino dies in a miserable form in front of the tiger cane. The tiger cane was furious, saying, “I’ll kill you,” but Masato does things that can be murdered by the tiger cane many times from here. Whether the tiger cane can exterminate such a villainous villain, we are paying attention to future developments.

“My Hero Academia” Overhaul / Around Harusaki Next, from “My Hero Academia,” where the battle scene between the hero and the enemy (villain) is popular. It is an absolute villain, Chisaki Kai, known as the young head “Overhaul” of the gangster “Shie Hassaikai.” The work is a superhuman society in which 80% of the world’s total population has some personal constitution called “individuality.” Harusaki has a personality that allows him to instantly “disassemble” and “repair” the object he touches. To control the underworld, the group leader who picked up himself as an orphan was made unconscious. The body of a girl, Eri, who is a relative of the group leader and has a strong personality, is decomposed and used as a raw material. It is a very inhuman character, such as making medicine. To save the cruel brutality, the main character “Deku,” the talented hero “Sir Night Eye,” and Deku’s senior “Lumillion” board the hideout of the dead Hachisaikai. In the full-scale confrontation between the hero and the death of Hachisaikai, Nighteye suffers a severe injury that directly leads to death, and Lumilion loses his personality due to the ammunition made by Harusaki. Harusaki, who made the leader of a parent-like body serious, forced two popular heroes into “death” and “disappearance of individuality” and encountered a terrible mess. It was an unforgivable character, even though it was an action taken for the group.

“Gintama” Tokugawa Iesada The anime movie “Gintama THE FINAL” was released in January 2021 as “Gintama”. Among the many enemy characters that can’t be hated, the feeling that couldn’t be saved until the end was Tokugawa Quesada, the 13th Shogun. He is the predecessor and uncle of Shigeshige Tokugawa, a popular character with many fans. It was during the Shogun era that the constant cruelty and cruelty were especially apparent. When he learns that his vassal, Rotten Maizo, is in love with Oiran’s Suzuran and plans to elope, he cuts off Maizo’s left arm and kills Suzuran when he meets again. I was threatening. In addition, even after becoming a consultant to Shigeru, he ordered Maizo to perform seppuku as a punishment for inviting the main character, Gintoki Sakata, to the castle, and by refusing it, he cuts the remaining right arm. Maizo, who was familiar with Sho-chan and his younger sister Soyo as “Jiya,” and devoted his life to the Shogun family, continued to suffer for many years. Speaking of such a constant, he is also the person who ordered the mass rectification of the scholars and the execution of Gintoki Sakata’s teacher, Shoyo Yoshida. He was one of the characters with a lot of unforgivable episodes.

“ONE PIECE” Blackbeard / Marshall D. Teach Finally, “Blackbeard,” Marshall D. Teach, who appears in “ONE PIECE.” Isn’t it one of the top-class “unforgivable villains” in “Weekly Shonen Jump”? After all, I made the cause of the death of Ace, one of the most popular characters in the film, and the big brother of the main character, Luffy. As the second captain of the “Whitebeard Pirates,” Ace chases his subordinate, Blackbeard, who “kills his friends” and breaks the “iron rules” but is defeated after a confrontation. The Navy will catch you. Then, the “Marinford Summit War” broke out in which the “Whitebeard Pirates” and the pirates under its umbrella vs. the World Government clashed to recapture the ace that was to be publicly executed. Ace was killed during this war, and many fans must have resented Blackbeard. Suddenly, Blackbeard, who came to Marineford, killed even Whitebeard, who had reached the limit of his body, and deprived him of the ability of Whitebeard’s “Glittering Fruit.” Blackbeard does anything for his purposes. Can Luffy defeat such a “biggest enemy”? I’m looking forward to the future. So far, we have introduced four “villains who cannot forgive only this guy” in work published in “Weekly Shonen Jump.” There are still many characters I would like to introduce, such as Frieza from “Dragon Ball” and Melem from “HUNTER x HUNTER.” Who is the “unforgivable villain” that remains in your mind?

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