Largest Japanese anime event in the Middle East

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An event was held in Saudi Arabia in the Middle East where popular Japanese anime was shared, attracting many anime fans.

“Saudi Anime Expo 2022” started on the 27th in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Arabian government, which aims to break away from its oil-dependent economy, is taking the lead in holding this event, and it will be the second time in three years.

The venue was expanded 1.5 times, and about 11,000 fans rushed to the first day, partly due to the liver roast of Prince Mohammed, who is said to be a fan of Japanese anime.

In addition to exhibiting booths of anime works representing Japan, a “cosplay zone” was also set up for visitors to dress up as characters.

Saudi Arabian women, who have restrictions on what they can wear for religious reasons, could also enjoy themselves by pretending to be their favorite characters.

In Saudi Arabia, the understanding of anime culture has progressed in recent years, and the tolerance for showing skin in works has increased.

The Saudi government intends to make a national investment in developing the entertainment industry in the future.

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