Isn’t the anime version regulated? How to Defeat Ramenman’s Brockenman is still a hot topic.

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A depiction that shocked those who read it as a gag manga?

” Kinnikuman ” is a manga that has been attracting more and more attention since the production of a new anime series was announced. The many famous matches that have been unfolded so far in the same work have made the hearts of fans hot. In one of those battles, the scene where Ramenman defeated Brockenman in the early Choujin Olympics was brutal, so it was changed to a different depiction in the anime version.

However, it seems that some fans still have various opinions, such as “Isn’t the anime version worse?” was the match between the two at the 20th Chojin Olympics that became a hot topic. In this battle, Ramenman, a cruel superman representing China, gave Brockenmann, a cruel superman representing Germany, ” Camel Clutch. “‘ is being played.

This technique involves riding on the back of the opponent who is prone and grabbing the neck and other parts of the body to bend the body. It’s a dangerous move, but what happened next became a hot topic among fans. Ramenman continues to apply Camel Clutch as it is, and Brockenman’s body is split.

After that, the appearance of Ramenman laughing while lifting Brockenman’s upper body, cut in half and covered in blood, has become traumatic for many readers. Even in the anime version, such a shocking scene was the same as in the manga until the camel clutch was applied. However, Ramenman uses a rolling pin to flatten Brockenmann’s body, which has been beautifully broken in half and eats it as ramen noodles.

The depiction in the manga version was cruel, so normally, it should be changed to a milder description in the anime version. It’s true that the “bloodshed” is gone, but I still get various comments from fans about how Brockenman was beaten in the anime version. On the Internet, “The manga version was cruel, but I feel that the anime version is even crueler,” “The food is stupid,” “When I was a child, I saw this scene in the anime version, but the manga version looks milder.”

There were various opinions about the depiction of the anime version. On the other hand, regarding the description of the manga version, of course, “I read it thinking it was a gag manga, so the way Brockenman was beaten was shocking.

There is no doubt about it,” and it was certainly a fairly brutal depiction. Karekukwas licking Brockenmann’s blood, it was a small frame, but it was shocking. In addition, Ramenman was a cruel superhuman at the time, so it may not have been possible to do that in both the manga and anime versions.''Ramenman’s conversion is hot because of that.” For the sake of the match, Brockenmann’s terrible death was necessary.” In later developments, Brockenmann’s death has received support as an important scene.

It is still unknown which episode the new Kinnikuman anime series will depict, but if it were to be remade from the beginning, how would Ramenman vs. Brockenman be portrayed? In addition to Camel Clutch, there was a scene where Ramenman puts his foot in Brockenman’s mouth and a location where Brockenman, who looks very similar to the military uniform of Nazi Germany, emits “poisonous gas.” Still, if they were animated, they would be controversial. It looks like it’s going to be.

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