A French beauty who likes ‘Dragon Ball’ is in ‘Freeza’ and ‘Android 18’. Voices of praise for her adorable cosplay

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There are many events such as “Comic Market”, and the number of people who cosplay their favourite anime, games, and manga has increased. Among them, cosplay, whose love for works and characters has exploded, attracts the attention of many people. Here, pay attention to the cosplayers discussed at events and SNS—introducing the love of the two cosplayers who make the “Gundam” mobile suit, which the voice actor of Amuro Ray acclaimed, a French woman whose passion for “Dragon Ball” never stops.

Unstoppable DB love moved from France to Japan and is called “Real No. 18”

French cosplayer Freza (@Freza_sama) got a lot of attention by cosplaying the pink Frieza that appeared in the movie version “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” at Comiket at the end of last year. She had been living in Japan for eight and a half years (at the time of the interview), but her love for “Dragon Ball”, whom she met as a child, never stopped, and by the time she showed off her highly complete cosplay. ..

“I made it around the end of 2019, and it was my first time to make a model. I worked hard after returning to work, or when I had time, so I don’t know how long it took, but it took several months. I made it at my own pace. “

The reason for her cosplay debut was the program “Run for Money”, in which she was invited by her friend to participate. I didn’t have time to shoot, but I don’t want to show low-quality ones. So she thought that she could use my material to cosplay and felt that it would be “Android 18” and challenged her.

“No. 18 is my favourite female character in” Dragon Ball “, and since I was a kid, I used to imitate her outfit and wear a shirt. Even before I cosplayed, I said” similar “or” absolutely suits ” I was often asked to say, so I decided that my first cosplay would be No. 18. “

Taking advantage of her looks, this cosplay is so complete that it is often called “Real No. 18”. She is currently married in Japan and working in Akihabara, handling “Dragon Ball” products. Because of her intense love, she probably got much attention from her cosplay and a wide range of people.

Amuro voice actor Toru Furuya’s endorsement, Gundam “life-size” mobile suit acclaimed

The second person is Mr Kuroboshi (@zgokzogok), who also attracted attention at Comiket last year’s end. Previously, he had a lot of buzz on SNS, and he overwhelmed the venue with a solid life-sized mobile suit.

Mr Kuroboshi said that he was interviewed by the media a lot. Many fans of mobile suits boast a high degree of perfection, with the experience of being praised by Toru Furuya, the voice actor of Amuro Ray.

This mobile suit is also self-confident work that took nine months to produce. “We are particular about the overall balance and colour. We went to the showroom of the sales company to discuss the (colour) sheet and made sure that it was closer to the real thing.” It seems that the appearance and the movement are practised by watching the animation and getting closer to the real thing.

However, it can be pretty challenging to wear such a fine mobile suit. “(At the venue) I put each part in a cardboard box and came by train. But I couldn’t wear it myself, so I asked for help and changed my clothes in about 20 minutes.”

It would be challenging to produce and carry to show off this much. It seemed that the feeling of putting on a mobile suit, even if I got over it, came to me.

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