Attack On Titan: Annie Leonhart Could Defeat 5 Naruto Characters

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Ninjas are accustomed to engaging different ninjas in the Naruto world. In the event that they went facing Annie Leonhart’s Female Titan structure, they’d be in for the battle.

In the Attack on Titan universe, the mightiest contenders of all are the Titan Shifters—the individuals who can accept the type of a Titan voluntarily and use its forces as their own, from substance recovery and super solidarity to more special capacities. Reiner Braun’s Armored Titan is almost indestructible, and Annie Leonhart’s Female Titan is light-footed, horrible, and equipped for calling unadulterated Titans or solidifying portions of its skin.

Annie Leonhart is a fighter of Marley and is accustomed to battling foes who are a lot more modest than herself, yet would she be able to deal with adversaries from other shonen arrangement—like the Naruto universe? Those ninjas depend on secrecy, traps, ninjutsu, and dreams to battle, yet a few procedures will be ineffectual against Annie. Which shinobi could Annie possibly rout, and which would be excessively intense for her?

10. ANNIE CAN DEFEAT: Hinata Hyuga, Who Bears The Byakugan Eye

Hinata Hyuga was an individual from the Hyuga tribe’s fundamental branch, the Konoha 11. From the outset, Hinata had little conviction or certainty, yet Naruto’s solid words lit a shoot in her, and Hinata has started to get more grounded. She is a furious taijutsu contender like her cousin Neji and can utilize Byakugan.

This permits Hinata to strike her foe’s chakra focuses or impact them away with her open palms, yet this will not function admirably against a Titan, which has no chakra focuses. All things considered, Annie will wear Hinata out and step her level eventually.

9. ANNIE CAN’T DEFEAT: Hashirama Senju, The First Hokage

The First Hokage was as a matter of fact Hashirama Senju, an old companion of Madara Uchiha’s and an individual from the old Senju ninja group. He imagined the whole Hidden Leaf Village and constructed it, and his common wood discharge jutsu was specifically attached to the actual town. The backwoods and the First Hokage the same protected the town from all damage.

Annie can’t in any way, shape, or form handle Hashirama’s incomprehensibly amazing chakra or his timberland creation Jutsu, which would hold onto Annie and limit her with enormous trees and branches. At that point, Hashirama could attempt to smash Annie or leave her limited and leave the front line with his life.

8. ANNIE CAN DEFEAT: Kidomaru Of The Sound Four

Against most adversaries, Kidomaru of the Sound Four crew is a profoundly viable contender, having the option to fire bolts at his foes to puncture their fundamental focuses or trap them in cobwebs. On edge, he can cover himself in brilliant reinforcement to hinder chakra-based strategies. He’s additionally got a revile mark, actually like the other three Sound Four individuals.

Annie Leonhart has nothing to fear from Kidomaru. Her solidarity is dreadfully extraordinary for Kidomaru’s webbing, and Kidomaru’s bolts mean little to her Titan structure. Annie will before long discover and hold onto Kidomaru, and pulverize this arachnid based ninja in her grasp. As far as she might be concerned, Kidomaru is simply one more irritation to murder.

7. ANNIE CAN’T DEFEAT: Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto’s Ultimate Rival

Perhaps the most scandalous ninjas of the whole Leaf Village is Sasuke Uchiha, who escaped the town to look for extreme force. Also, he discovered it. Sasuke is a ninja of numerous gifts, having opened the Mangekyo Sharingan and later getting the Rinnegan also. He can utilize taijutsu, Genjutsu, and ninjutsu with equivalent expertise.

Sasuke’s speed and Sharingan will permit him to keep away from Annie’s blows, also the Susanoo. In all-out attack mode, Sasuke’s Amaterasu flares or Susano’o can bargain genuine harm to Annie’s Titan, and afterward, Sasuke could drill his way through her body with the Chidori to obliterate her genuine body.

6. ANNIE CAN DEFEAT: Sasori Of The Red Sand

One of the individuals from the Akatsuki association is simply the manikin ace, Sasori of the Red Sand. Sasori once in a while battles face to face; all things considered, he sends his numerous lethal manikins to take care of business, and these dolls of wood and metal are stacked with edges, sharp wires, poison gas producers, explosives, and undeniably more. He’s even got the Third Kazekage and his iron sand Jutsu close by.

Annie has nothing to fear from any of Sasori’s manikins, with the conceivable exemption of the Kazekage manikin. Annie can strike quick and hard, and wreck the entirety of Sasori’s manikins just before she holds onto Sasori himself and obliterates him. With any karma, the Kazekage manikin won’t ever get an opportunity to strike.

5. ANNIE CAN’T DEFEAT: Killer Bee, The Eight-Tails Jinchuriki

The eight-tails jinchuriki, Killer Bee, is an incomprehensibly incredible ninja who has little tolerance for nuance or stunts. He is a beast power contender, yet he’s not stupid, by the same token. Against most adversaries, Killer Bee can utilize his multi-sword method or sheer taijutsu, yet against an enemy like Annie’s Female Titan, Killer Bee should quit fooling around.

Africanized Bee’s Biju shroud is immeasurably amazing, and ready for action, the eight-followed bull can shield Killer Bee from Annie’s hits while returning fire with whole-world destroying chakra impacts from the bull’s mouth. Annie would trim her misfortunes and retreat before things get significantly hairier notwithstanding such influence.

4. ANNIE CAN DEFEAT: Kurenai Yuhi, The Genjutsu Master

When battling against different ninjas, Kurenai Yuhi has the benefit with her genjutsu abilities, effectively making her convincing plant-based deceptions while seeing through the foe’s own genjutsu. She conflicted once with Itachi Uchiha, in any case, her genjutsu gifts weren’t exactly comparable to Itachi’s.

That is an amazing battling style, however, it makes no difference to Annie, who can neither make genjutsu nor see it. All things considered, Kurenai should battle without genjutsu use, and that puts her in a tough spot. Annie will wear Kurenai out and squash her in the long run.

3. ANNIE CAN’T DEFEAT: Deidara Of The Akatsuki

Deidara was at one time Sasori’s accomplice, and he was known for his adoration for blasts and massacre. He was the person who caught Gaara of the Sand in a duel, and Deidara later battled Sasuke Uchiha prior to exploding himself. His dirt dolls are consistently prepared to detonate, and this will back Annie off.

All the more critically, however, Deidara can make an enormous dirt bird fit for flight, and he will utilize this to avoid Annie’s compass and bomb her without any potential repercussions. Regardless of whether Deidara can’t obliterate Annie forever, Annie can’t hit him back, so she should withdraw.

2. ANNIE CAN DEFEAT: Zaku Abumi, The Sound Genin

Zaku Abumi was one of the Sound genin shipped off take an interest in the chunin tests, however he met a tacky end because of Shino Aburame. Zaku depends for the most part on ninjutsu, delivering impacts of air and sound from empty cylinders in his arms, which can blow away the vast majority of his adversaries.

However, that will not work on Annie’s Female Titan, which is dreadfully enormous and substantial for Zaku to crush. Zaku has not many choices on protection, and he’ll be defenseless when Annie scoops him up and chomps his head off.

  1. ANNIE CAN’T DEFEAT: The Six Paths Of Pain

As it were, this is six characters in one, all being controlled distantly by Nagato and his Rinnegan. The “fundamental” way of Pain is Yahiko, who was previously somewhat like Naruto Uzumaki himself. Presently he resolved to make the world endure, and he’ll make Annie endure, as well.

Regardless of whether Pain doesn’t exactly have the ability to obliterate Annie’s Female Titan for great, he can absolutely hold Annie off with his widespread push procedures and gathering Jutsu, at that point get himself sufficient opportunity to trap Annie’s Titan in a planetary creation Jutsu. This will allow Pain to leave the fight and look for his objectives somewhere else. Annie was not a piece of his unique plans.

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