Shohei Ohtani has become an anime! Voices of praise for the ‘smart production’ of the US broadcasting station I was impressed

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The video of a local broadcasting station, an animation of pitcher Shohei Ohtani (27) of  Major League Baseball Angels, is attracting attention.

The animated Shohei Ohtani MLB All-Star Game was held on July 13, 2021 (14th Japan time) in Coors Field, Denver, Colorado, USA, and Otani started in “No. 1 DH” and was unique. I went up to the starting mound by the rules.

A stylish production by the TV station just before the second at-bat, Otani showed off a fastball with a maximum of 161 km as a pitcher, holding down one time to a trio. He had no hits in two at-bats as a batter, but the American League defeated the National League 5-2, and Otani became the winning pitcher.

The first-ever all-star appearance in the natural dual-wield style attracted national attention. The US FOX, which broadcast the All-Star game on TV, made a modern production before Otani’s second at-bat.

FOX’s original animation video of Otani was broadcast just before entering the turn at-bat. Ben Verlander, active as an MLB analyst at FOX Sports, updated Twitter on the 14th and released Otani’s animation video created by FOX. The Denver Post’s Joe Nguyen also reported on Twitter the same day that Otani was animated.

The animation video is compiled in 20 seconds, starting with a scene where Otani wearing an Angels uniform, throws it down from the mound. A unicorn appears so that it overlaps the ball as if it symbolizes Otani’s fastball. When the ball fits in the catcher mitt, it switches to Otani’s batting.

US fan “It was ridiculously wonderful.”

Otani, who entered the turn at-bat, hit a home run to the center, and Babe Ruth, the original dual wield legend, appeared at the tip of the prominent fly ball with a wink. In the end, with the narration of “Showtime” in the background, the image of Otani holding the ball in his left hand and holding a bat in his right hand concludes.

In the video created by FOX, the eyes shine when Otani throws, and there is also a production reminiscent of the “Star of the Giants” animated in Japanese baseball manga. Otani fans in Japan and the United States who saw this video are crying out for joy.

On Twitter, Japanese baseball fans said, “I was impressed and got goosebumps,” “I didn’t get this street, but Guerrero and Otani did their best,” and American fans said, “cool,” and “ridiculously.” It was beautiful.”

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