The battle manga ‘Okama Chara’ is generally a strong theory. Even more reliable common elements?

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Among the various characters that demonstrate their strength in battle manga and battle animation, the theory that “Okama characters are generally strong” has become a hot topic on the Internet. Is there a high probability that the unique “Okama characters” are actually “strong characters”? From some works, I will introduce the activities of “Okama Chara.”

First, I will introduce the Okama Chara Puri Prisoner in the popular anime ” One Punch Man. ” Although he is a unique hero usually detained in prison, his ability is relatively high.

The “Hero Association,” to which the main character Saitama belongs, is ranked in C to S grades to show the strength of the heroes, and Puri Puri Prisoner is enrolled in the highest rank S grade. When facing a hedgehog-type monster, Free Hugger, defeat the enemy with the technique “Angel Hug” that only hugs the opponent intensely. By the way, because I was naked during the battle for some reason, fans of the same work said, “It hurts just to hug a hedgehog naked, but it is too strong to kill it as it is.”

“The unique character and strength are outstanding impact,” etc. Voice was raised. Also, Emporio Ivankov, called “Miracle Man” in ” ONE PIECE “You can’t miss the activity. He is a person with the ability of “Holhol Fruit” who can freely manipulate hormones and is a character in Queen of the Kingdom of Kamabakka & Executive of the Revolutionary Army. He is a strong person who speaks in a unique tone centered on one word, but the technique “DEATH WINK” that only blinks is powerful enough to bounce a cannonball. It can be said that he can become a “strong character” without a doubt. Also, as a characteristic of “Okama Chara,” voices say, “I often become a good understanding person.” “Bon-chan in” ONE PIECE ” is kind and has a strong friendship with Luffy. “

” I think the King of Kingdoms was very concerned about Shin.”

Even in romantic comedy works other than battle works, “Okama Chara” seems to leave many readers with its reliability and strong personality, such as acting as a good adviser and understanding the main character.

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