Spring animation ‘My Heart’s Dangerous Guy’ Forming a group at a job tour Will Ichikawa be able to be in the same group as Yamada? Episode 5 preceding cut

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From the spring animation “My Heart’s Dangerous Yatsu,” the synopsis and preceding scene cut of the 5th episode “, which will be broadcast on Saturday, April 29, 2023, has been released.

The original “Boku no Kokoro Yabai Yatsu” was serialized in “Manga Cross” by Norio Sakurai, known for “Mitsudomoe,” etc. A youth romantic comedy that has become a hot topic, such as winning first place in the 2020 Kurumu Manga Awards Web Manga Division.
It depicts a sweet and painful first love pattern woven by Kyotaro Ichikawa, a boy with severe chuunibyou, and Anna Yamada, a beautiful girl in his class.

The title of episode 5 is “We got separated.”
The class is in the middle of making a group for the vocational tour. Adachi invites Ichikawa, but he decides to join Yamada and the girls because of the problem of the number of people. Ichikawa is happy to be in the same group as Yamada, but under the leadership of Sekine, a merciless men’s draft meeting begins.

Furthermore, after school, Ichikawa encounters Yamada and Hara, talking happily in the library. Moe manga-like air is created, but the topic is love stories. I can’t help but worry about the conversation! Episode 5 of “Boku no Kokoro Yabai Yatsu,” “We are strayed,” will be broadcast on TV Asahi’s 24 nationwide networks “NUMAnimation” frame and others from April 29 and will be distributed exclusively on “Prime Video” for unlimited viewing.

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