‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ voice actor, entering the second season ‘Shibuya Jihen.’ ‘ This is the end of the peaceful story (lol).

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The synopsis and scene cuts of episode 6 (30 episodes in total) of the second season of the anime “Jujutsu Kaisen” (MBS/TBS series, every Thursday at 11:56 p.m.) have been released. From episode 6, the Shibuya Incidents arc begins. In commemoration of this, an official interview with Junya Enoki (playing Yuhito Kojo), Yuma Uchida (playing Megumi Fushiguro), and Asami Seto (playing Nobara Kugizaki) has been released, and been three years since the three first-years have appeared in a TV series. It’s been a long time since the three of you recorded together. How was it?

Enoki: “It’s been a long time since all three of us were together at the dubbing site. We had been voicing the characters during game recordings, but when we did the dubbing, we realized they were the same as the ones from the first season. We could record in the same atmosphere as before.”

Uchida: “We had events and other events, so we didn’t have the opportunity to talk to each other, but when we met at the recording, I thought, “Wow, it’s been a while!” I was. I could post-record with a good feeling in an atmosphere that hasn’t changed.”

Seto: “It was a bright scene to record the three of us together for the first time in a while. We maintained the same atmosphere as the three first-year members and had a lighthearted dialogue.” –Compared to the first season

Please let me know if any parts you feel have changed during the recording.

Enoki: “Since it’s a series, there wasn’t anything special about the direction of the characters, but I feel that the atmosphere and method of direction have changed.” Uchida: “The direction was more about the approach to the art than the emotional aspects.’

“Shibuya Incident” has become more frequently included. This is probably due to the need to expand the “Shibuya Incident” as an expression that complements the parts not depicted in the original work.”

Seto: Another big change is that distributed recording has been relaxed, and we can now record while interacting with more people than we did during the coronavirus pandemic. We didn’t get to meet some cast members in the first season. So, I feel happy and refreshed to be able to see such people’s performances and interact with them.” –Finally, the 2nd season, episode 6 (episode 30), Shibuya Incident'' fromThat’s the Thing’

‘” begins. It’s a story that gives a glimpse of the relationships and daily life of the 1st year students, but please tell us your impressions after recording it.

Enoki: “.This is the end of the peaceful story (lol). This is the last story with a fun atmosphere.” Uchida: “Really (lol). I

recorded this to enjoy this atmosphere to the fullest.” I did. In the following episodes, you will act and fight with the senior magicians. I hope all the viewers can fully enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in this episode!” Seto, the highlight is Kojo’s first words when he meets Ozawa again. It was a scene where it was clearly shown that Kojo was a good guy, and it made my heart swell.” Uchida: I get it! Korajo is just a good guy.”

Enoki: “I love the scene where Kugisaki’s face collapses as a gag. His face is more collapsed than in the original, and it feels like Picasso (lol). There.

“Jujutsu Kaisen” is based on the manga of the same name that began serialization in “Weekly Shonen Jump” in March 2018, and is based on manga of the same name that started to serialization in “Weekly Shonen Jump” in March 2018. , a dark fantasy in which high school student Yuji Kojo steps into a world of battles over curses.

The cumulative circulation of comics exceeded 80 million. The TV anime was broadcast from October 2020 to March 2021 and gained popularity; it was made into a theatrical animation in December 2021, with the second season of the TV anime being broadcast in July 2023.

The chronological story continues from the first season, starting from episode 6, and depicts the “Shibuya Incident” in Shibuya, a busy city, on October 31st, Halloween.

Episode 30 (Season 2, Episode 6) “That’s What” Synopsis 2018. One day, Kojo, Fushiguro, and Kugisaki have finished their mission. Kojo wants to go to the movies, and Kugizaki wants to go shopping, but Fushiguro goes home alone in Ijichi’s car, saying, “You guys are fine.”

After parting with Kojou and finishing shopping, a woman talks to Kugizaki. “Weren’t you with Kojo-kun earlier?” Kugisaki is surprised by the sudden question and the identity of this woman who seems acquainted with Kojo-kun.

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