‘Jump SQ.’ 15th-anniversary issue The first ever award-winning rookie work is born ‘Tenipuri’ Tsuyoshi Konomi praises

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Monthly manga magazine “Jump SQ. “In addition, the first-ever winning work was announced in the magazine’s Newcomer Manga Award.

Magazine’s signature work, “Blue Exorcist” (written by Kazue Kato). The B4 size double-sided poster in the appendix presents the current serialized results on the front side and the famous works that have been mediatized in the past on the backside. A particular B5 transparent file of the movie “THE FIRST SLUM DUNK,” released on December 3, is also attached as an appendix. Also, at the “Jump SQ.

Rookie Manga Award”, Jida Hosomi’s “Hell Cook” was selected for the first time. It will be published in the February 2023 extra-large issue, released on January 4 of next year.

“Hell Cook” is a story about Haru, a girl who wanders into hell, encounters a scary-looking monster, Hell Cook, and volunteers to be her apprentice as a chef. A story about Hellcook’s kitchen car running to make hell happy. Tsuyoshi Konomi, a manga artist, known for “Prince of Tennis, “Commented, “The tempo of the story was good, and the characters were lively and exciting.

The performance and sense of speed with which ‘It’s a meal!!!’ I was giving it a taste,” he commented. The editorial department commented, “The original idea of ​​demon world x cooking is fascinating.

The story develops with high tension and a good tempo, and the character Hellcook is beautifully drawn to the end. You can feel the author’s intentions and attention to detail in the spread and direction. It was an excellent one-shot work that fully felt the writer’s ability,” he said. (Yorozu News Editorial Department)

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