Satoshi and Pikachu, thanks for your work

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Reporter’s review Satoshi and Pikachu. The time has finally come for the golden duo, who have played the leading role together in the movie version since the TV anime “Pocket Monsters” started in April 1997.

It was announced in December last year that a new series starring the girl Riko and the boy Roy would begin in April. On the 13th of this month, “Pok√©mon Aim Pokemon Master” (Tokyo series, 6:55 pm on Friday) started as “The final chapter of Satoshi and Pikachu.”

The opening and ending with nostalgic images are irresistible. Satoshi, who now wears shorts, used to wear jeans-like long pants. 1997 was the year I started reporting on anime, and it reminds me of the uproar in the late afternoon when many viewers complained of health problems due to the violent flickering of the images.

Episode 2 on the 20th is a reunion and battle with Kasumi, who once traveled together. Musashi of the enemy role “Team Rocket,” and Kojiro and Meowth, saying, “It was a long time to see you, the original Jarigirl.” Goodbye to you guys. The first fans who have already become parents must be coming next to their children.

In such a case, I would like you to watch the masterpiece movie “Pocket Monsters the Movie: Kimi ni Kimeta!”, which depicts the encounter between Satoshi and Pikachu. Satoshi and Pikachu, voices Rika Matsumoto and Ikue Otani, thank you and good luck. (Atsushi Ohara)

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