Yuichiro Umehara, the handsome character of ‘Romantic Killer,’ is ‘addicted.’

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The Netflix series “Romantic Killer” is an anime work that began distribution on October 27th on the video distribution service “Netflix.” Rie Takahashi, Mikako Komatsu, Yuichiro Umehara, Gakuto Kajiwara, and Natsuki Hanae are among the famous and talented voice actors gathered. The co-star’s acclaim Umehara as a “playing role.”

The work is about Kyoko Hoshino (CV: Takahashi), a high school girl who has no interest in romance and spends her days surrounded by her favorite games, cats, and chocolates. A unique slapstick youth romantic comedy in which Lili (CV: Komatsu) appears and three handsome men are involved in an ideological “shoujo manga development” with Kyoko.

The three handsome guys are Tsukasa Katsuki (CV: Umehara), the most attractive boy in school. Junta Hayami (CV: Kajiwara), a beautiful childhood friend of sports, and Kiyoshi Koganei (CV: Hanae), a rich tsundere handsome man.

Kyoko’s classmate, Tsukasa, who is handsome enough to fall in love with anyone he passes by, is a fantastic and mysterious person who keeps his distance from romance for some reason. However, due to Lili’s magic, he meets Kyoko, and the two are alone in the same house until morning. And my feelings are changing little by little.

Regarding Umehara, who plays the role of Tsukasa, Komatsu said, “Tsukasa has a cool impression and a mischievous side that makes you angry when you’re upset. Ume-chan (Umehara) has many similarities.” The character I play, Tsukasa, perfectly matches the work.

Kajiwara, who often worked with Umehara on recordings, said, “During the recording, I always thought that Mr. Umehara was the perfect match for Tsukasa and that only Mr. Umehara could play that coolness.” talking.

Umehara has played many handsome characters in the past. Still, about Tsukasa, who played him in this work, “I think there is one character in the work which is cool and popular with women, but it is rare for him to draw a backbone. From the beginning, it’s often the case that “this is the character.”

But in Tsukasa’s case, the story of the past comes up, and the circumstances of the current Tsukasa are appropriately told, as the actions of Tsukasa. It was straightforward to act because the character’s motivation is solid,” he said, revealing that he could get into the role even more.

In the story’s second half, the “shocking event” that caused Tsukasa to avoid the opposite sex is revealed. Such Tsukasa gradually opens his heart when he meets Kyoko, who is innocent and natural. He is not just a stereotypical handsome character but also demonstrates a deep charm. What will happen to Kyoko and Tsukasa’s destinies as they are swept up in love flags by the witch Lili? There is laughter! Do you have a crush? It is a work where you can enjoy a completely new slapstick youth romantic comedy.

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