Junji Ito 20 titles such as ‘Tomie’, ‘Souichi’ and ‘Hanging Balloon’ are animated on Netflix and distributed in 23 years.

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Character designs for “Tomie,” “Souichi,” and “Hanging Balloon” are also released.

The omnibus work ” Junji Ito Maniac “, which animates 20 manga titles by horror manga artist Junji Ito, will be exclusively distributed worldwide on Netflix in 2023. It was announced at the recent Netflix online event “Geeked Week”. At the same time, an introductory video in which Mr. Ito himself appeared has been released.

Based on the horror comics by Mr. Ito, talented animators will challenge to visualize 20 titles. “I can’t wait to see what kind of eerie world their creativity will lead my characters to,” said Mr. Ito.

Three of the 20 animated titles have been revealed. Episodes are selected from the “Tomie” series, which is also a masterpiece of Mr. Ito’s debut work, and the “Souichi” series, in which a boy, Soichi, who is gloomy and always holds a nail, curses people into fear. Will be announced at a later date), and the short story “Hanging Balloon” will also be visualized.

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