‘Eva’ first machine resale model, ‘Gundam,’ ‘Macross’ global expansion model! 2022 Goods summary you want to buy with New Year’s gifts

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Speaking of New Year, New Year’s present. Speaking of New Year’s gifts, it is shopping.

Have you already decided what to buy this year? For those who are still wondering, anime! Anime! Then, we will carry out a unique feature on goods that you want to buy with New Year’s gifts!

Land battle specification of the famous machine Zaku! Action figure with abundant detachable options

From the “Mobile Suit Gundam” series, Zaku II JC type “ROBOT soul MS-06JC land battle type Zaku II JC type ver. A. N.I.M.E.” is made into an action figure.

Unlike the J type, which is a refurbished F type for space use, it is a three-dimensional item of Zaku that has been redesigned as a land battle type.

The magazine can be attached to and detached from the Zaku Bazooka and 120mm Zaku machine guns. The Zaku Bazooka can be mounted on the side of the school bag or the waist with the attached joint, and the Zaku machine gun can be mounted on the waist. In addition, the arms can be held in front of the aircraft by moving the elbows and forearms, and the shoulder shield also rotates. In addition, the spike shield on the right shoulder added in the J.C. type can be enjoyed by reproducing a wide range of operational variations by changing to the usual type by exchanging parts.

This product ” RGM-79 (G) Land Battle Type Gym ver. A. N.I.M.E.” can be combined with the separately sold 08th M.S. Squadron series to produce a wide range of scenes. Reproduce the proportions that are faithful to the settings. The armor of the calf moves in conjunction with the movement of the knee, realizing innovative movement. In addition, the toes are divided into three parts for smooth grounding.

Justice Gundam of “Gundam SEED” is made into a figure with “METAL BUILD”!

Justice Gundam, active in the latter half of the “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED” work, is three-dimensionalized with the prominent body silhouette interpreted from the cooperation with Fatum-00, which is the most prominent feature. Under the supervision of Mr. Satoshi Shigeta, the chief animation director of “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED,” the main body and Fatum-00 are modeled. Fatum-00 has a cloak-like silhouette when mounted on the back, and in the lifter form, the volume is increased by the deployment gimmick, and the finish is reminiscent of the male figure in the play.

“Gundam 08 Squadron” RX-79 (G) Land battle type Gundam is now an action figure!

“ROBOT soul RX-79 (G) land battle type Gundam ver. A. N.I.M.E.” is a three-dimensional item of the main machine of the 08th battalion of the Far East Army mechanized mixed battalion, commonly known as “Kojima battalion.”

The storage gimmick of the saber rack with built-in legs and the split movement of the toe part of the sole is faithfully reproduced. In addition, the weapon container is removable, the container itself can be opened and closed, and the weapon storage tray can be used to store disassembled weapons inside, which is full of various gimmicks.

“Gundam W” Wing Zero is made into an action figure with “METAL ROBOT soul”!

“METAL ROBOT soul Wing Gundam Zero” is a high-class model of Wing Gundam Zero, the main character of “New Mobile Report Gundam W,” using sharp modeling, precise painting expression, and solid die-cast parts. It is a finished and three-dimensional item.

It is equipped with various gimmicks such as opening and closing without replacing the machine cannon, transformation to a new bird form, etc. In addition, the attached Buster rifle can be switched between a double-mounted state and a split state, making it possible to reproduce the impressive scenes in the play.

Valkyrie in a unique color to commemorate the global expansion of the “Macross” series

“VF-25 Messiah Valkyrie WORLDWIDE Anniv.” Released by DX Chogokin is a unique item commemorating the global expansion of the “Super Dimension Fortress Macross” series. A unique color is Messiah Valkyrie, with blue in the image of the earth with a skull mark placed in the center of the main body. The landing gear is made of die-cast, and it is possible to fold not only the main wing but also the stable wing of the leg. In addition, it can be transformed into three forms of fighter forms, and it comes with a pedestal that can be rearranged according to the three forms, a gun pod, a replacement wrist, and a pilot figure.

“Mazinkaiser” 20th Anniversary Special Edition of 3 Color Plating Mazinkaiser

“GX-75SP Mazinkaiser 20th Anniversary Ver.” Released by Chogokin Tamashii is a luxurious upgrade of each part of the body with plated color. From the unique pedestal that imaged the wilderness of new modeling, a gimmick sounds like the “Majin Kaiser’s Theme” sung by Ichiro Mizuki. Its Special Move, Final Kaiser Blade, has a 20% expansion of its blade.

METAL BUILD’s first Eva machine supervised by Ikuto Yamashita is the long-awaited resale!

The famous “METAL BUILD Evangelion Unit 1” released in 2019 will be resold. It is a model arranged and designed under the supervision of mechanic designer Ikuto Yamashita, centered on the concept of a giant with a steel body.

With a total height of about 220 mm, the workability and the texture of metal are fused, and die-casting and plating are applied to each part of the main body, resulting in a unique texture with supple lines while being metal.

The stand is a luxurious specification with the motif of the restraint cage under construction, and the overall image changes dramatically with the newly set additional equipment. Play value will be improved by installing a new Magoroku Exterminated Sword, Hand Gun, and Progressive Knife.

“Eva” No. 13 appears as an action figure with a wide range of motion
“ROBOT Spirits Evangelion Unit 13” reproduces the proportions in the play of Evangelion Unit 13 that appear in “Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Q” and “Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version” and has a natural and wide range of motion. It is a three-dimensional item that achieves both.

A variety of optional parts such as R.S. hopper, Cassius spear, and Longinus spear are also included, so you can enjoy reproducing the scene in the play. The mouth can be opened and closed with a drawer structure, and four arms can be reproduced using a replacement chest.

“Gundam W” Gundam Epion appears as an action figure.
“METAL ROBOT Spirits Gundam Epion” is an action figure of the Gundam Epion that appears in “Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.” With performance specialized for close-quarters combat, it is an aircraft that fought fiercely with the leading aircraft, Wing Gundam Zero. With entirely new modeling, the strength and characteristic silhouette in the play are reproduced, the movable mechanism is thoroughly pursued, and both action and beautiful proportions are realized.

All of them have excellent quality, and I want them all. Some products whose reservation period and sales period are approaching, so please purchase as soon as possible.

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