Kagura of ‘Gintama’ stopped the bullet by biting it with his teeth! What kind of reflexes can you do?

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Hello, this is Rikao Yanagita from the Institute of Science and Technology. I enjoy thinking about manga, anime, special effects programs, etc., from the perspective of science fiction. By the way, this research report is.

I love the Kagura of “Gintama”.

A beautiful petite girl with a height of 155 cm and a weight of 40 kg. But it looks, it’s a big eater, a poisonous tongue, a selfish, big attitude, and an ant at all. Moreover, since he was born in the strongest fighting tribe in the universe, the Night Rabbit, his body is sturdy, and he is messed up. It is a superheroine that overturns the image of the heroine.

How strong is such Kagura?

For example, in the first episode of the anime, he jumped, shook a punch, and smashed a massive rock in half.

When measured on the screen, the rock’s diameter is about 3.3m, and the weight is estimated to be 52t. A master of karate says that a straight fist can break a brick, but the area of ​​the crack created by Kagura on the rock is about 1500 times that of a brick. In other words, her punching power is 1500 times that of a karate master, and if the impact power of a straight fist thrust is 600kg, the Kagura punch is 900t!

If I was hit because of this, the author, who weighs 75 kg, will fly up to 48 m away. Goodbye, everyone ~.

This is not enough to say goodbye, but there are episodes that I would like to pay more attention to.

That was when I fought Matako Kijima, a two-handed pistol. In addition, Kagura bit the bullet of the gunshot by the child with his teeth and stopped it. It’s an act of odds, but how can we do that?

◆ It’s about 2,000 times more agile than people!

Kagura did this feat in the anime episode 61, “Yamiyonomushiha gathers in the light.”

Kagura, who swiftly fends off Matako Kijima’s rapid-fire, jumps high. Then, the child said, “It took me! I don’t have any freedom in the air!”

It seemed that all the bullets were hit, but Kagura stopped two of them by pinching them with the fingers of both hands and caught the other by biting them with his teeth. Kagura with a smile …!

Biting the bullet with your teeth and catching it is a bit unbelievable.

It’s dangerous to get into the bronchi, so don’t try it, but many people would have thrown peanuts and picked them up by mouth.

It’s surprisingly tricky to catch it with your mouth, let alone bite it with your teeth. Peanuts are thrown up to a height of 1 m jump into the mouth at a speed of 4.4 m / s (15.9 km / h), but the movement of the mouth cannot even cope with this speed.

On the other hand, the speed of a pistol bullet is 200-600 m / s. Even at the moderate pace of 400m / s (1440km / h), the speed is 90 times faster.

If you want to bite and stop a bullet at such a fantastic speed, you have to close your teeth the moment the bullet passes between your teeth.

If it is a little late, it will shoot through the medulla oblongata and cerebellum on the back of the throat, and if it closes too early, the same fate awaits after the teeth are crushed.

How many reflexes do you need to bite the bullet?

If the length of the bullet is 2, the time to pass between the teeth is 0.00005 seconds. It is said that the time it takes for a human to respond to a stimulus is at least 0.1 seconds, so Kagura that can do this is 2,000 times more agile than ordinary people.

◆ You don’t have to chew!

Moreover, it does not mean that agility is all that is needed. Kagura must stop the momentum of the bullet by chewing, which requires power.

Just as a car needs a braking distance to stop, it takes a certain distance to stop a moving object. The shorter the distance, the greater the force required, but the maximum distance allowed this time is about 2 cm, which is the same as the length of the bullet.

The force to stop an object at 400 m / s at this short distance is 400,000 times the thing’s weight. Since the bullet of a pistol weighs around 10g, the required braking force is 4t.

This is hard. Kagura gave the bullet a force of 4 tons is a law of action and reaction, and the shot should have given Kagura a party of 4 tons. That is, her head receives the same impact as if she had a 4t punch.

No matter how much the night rabbits, the Kagura that endured this and laughed with a smile was unforgettable. The impact resistance of the brain is also extraordinary.

And, from here on, it’s even more unique, but it seems that Kagura’s bite strength, which gave the bullet a braking force of 4 tons, was even more robust. The braking force of 4t is the frictional force that acts between the teeth and the bullet, and it takes 3.3 times that energy to create it by “biting” it. In other words, the biting power of Kagura is 13t!

This is Osoroshii. Kagura, whether it’s a car or marble, can be cut through!

However, if you chew it with such a great force, it will probably be wrong.

Gun bullets are made of lead, which is not a very sturdy metal. If the diameter of the shot is 1 cm, the charge of this thickness will break with a force of only 240 kg.

What if you bite such a dangerous metal with a force of 13 tons? The bullet will be torn off like a pudding, and debris will fly through the mouth at 1440 km / h. Mmm …

To prevent this, Kagura must have adjusted the force so that the bullets would bite their teeth but not squeeze.

I’m worried that it’s possible to simultaneously exert tremendous agility, tremendous bite muscle strength, odoroki’s anti-impact force, and exquisite force control … but as I mentioned at the beginning, Kagura “looks.” Although she is a beautiful girl, she is a superheroine with many outstanding elements such as eating big, poisonous tongue, selfishness, big attitude, ant at all, and intense mess. She might be able to do it …!

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