Hot Topic ‘Jinjin-chan’ for ‘Punishment’ for high-priced resale Reported ‘deficit’ even when sold out

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The anime “Jinshin-chan Dropkick (Jinjin-chan),” which has become a hot topic for its “punishment” that sells a large amount of Comiket items at a lower price, is in the red on the official X (former Twitter) space on the 15th. Reported. 

He updated the official X after the end of Comiket on the 12th. On the flea market app, he discovered that shoppers given out for free at Comiket were listed and purchased for 1,990 yen, and he expressed his frustration. Afterward, he reported, “I was disappointed that shoppers would be sold at a high price, so I put them up for sale at a lower price than resale. ”Don’t buy!” He exhibited a shopper for 980 yen and filled the screen of the flea market app, showing a response that only the production side can do. Mr. Kazuki Yanase, an advertising producer for “Jajin-chan” who participated in the space, reported on the exhibition results.

A total of eight shoppers sold out in a day or two. As for the sales, which is worrisome, he says, “I hardly make any money,” and when I consider the packaging and delivery costs, I feel like I’m in the red. Regarding the exhibition work, he said, “I tried it, and it was troublesome.”

In addition, one shopper will be exhibited in the space as an experiment. It sold in just one minute, and Mr. Yanase said, “It’s not something that makes you feel deeply, but it makes you think.

Our work. It sells. It’s so easy. I see.” Innovative resale measures became a hot topic, and it is said that the number of official X followers increased by about 3,000 in 3 days. 2232 people gathered in the space on this day. (Various News, Kazuki Matsuda)

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