Japan-Saudi Arabia collaboration animation movie ‘Journey’ review I was able to have as many meals as I could with the relationship between Baahubali-like battle and Toru Furuya and Hiroshi Kamiya

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From June 25th, the anime movie “The Journey: The Story of Miracles and Battles on the Ancient Arabian Peninsula,” a collaboration between Japan and Saudi Arabia, has been released at Shinjuku Wald 9 and Umeda Burg 7.

“Japanese, this is Arab entertainment” (trailer is Takaya Kuroda voice), as seen in some American comics movie, is attached, but watch the main story. Then, I was so convinced that I was confident. The quality of the drawings and reports was high, and the content was overwhelmingly entertaining, with many unique elements. Let’s write down the charm of concrete work.

The relationship between Toru Furuya and Hiroshi Kamiya allows you to eat rice in a bowl.

The outline of this work is as simple as “warriors confront the invaders.” Many troops collide with each other, and a “representative battle” is also developed in which strong players are selected from each other’s armies and fight. Even cute elephants participate in the battle. The size of this scale and the high level of entertainment may be reminiscent of the Indian movie “Baahubali,” which has gained enthusiastic support in Japan. Of course, the heroic hero also plays an active part. The big highlight for the Japanese audience is Toru Furuya, who is familiar with the role of Toru Amuro of “Detective Conan.” The original Voice was very suitable for the complicated part that showed a certain conviction, challenged the battle, and showed hesitation and weakness. And it is Hiroshi Kamiya who plays the rival nihilistic mercenary of Toru Furuya’s honest young man. Is. He hates Kireigoto, and at first, he confronts the main character over his thoughts.

However, I realized that I had a harsh boyhood together, and it seemed like I was screaming, “This guy. I think I’m thrilled to see my childhood friend’s best friend again after a long time …!” It has come to seem like a wrinkle. At this point, the writer began to think, “Even if a rival character says something, he will fight together and help him when it matters,” and as the story progresses, he becomes “don’t eat as many cups of rice as you like.” I pressed the switch of the rice cooker inside. The expectation was perfectly correct. Even though I was complete with only the “Baahubali” element, the development of “I can go with a bowl! I can go with dozens of cups!” Was waiting like a rainstorm. Fans of Toru Furuya and Hiroshi Kamiya must see this one even if the earth ends tomorrow. In addition, the main character is a straight and stable character that is ostensibly “stupid.” Without a rival character who criticized him, much of that complex inner side would not have been conveyed. I want to commend you for creating an essential character in the play, not just the relationship.

Super luxurious cast and tag of the most substantial level staff

Other casts by Toru Furuya and Hiroshi Kamiya are so luxurious that I think they are the Avengers of the Japanese voice actor world, such as Yuichi Nakamura, Kazuya Nakai, Kotono Mitsuishi, and Mugihito. Especially Takaya KurodaThe villain is too charismatic and wants to submit in seconds. Although it is not posted on the official website, I am happy that Shinji Kawada is addicted to the fast and friendly characters. Even if the fans of each voice actor see it, they will indeed be packed. In addition, the director is Kobun Shizuno, who worked on the movie “Detective Conan” series and “Knights of Sidonia,” Tatsuro Iwamoto of the game “Ace Attorney” series, and “Tadaomizo Gaiden” for music production. Kaoru Wada, who won the Outstanding Music Award at the 18th Japan Academy Awards for “Yotsuya Kaidan,” is in charge, and the most substantial staff are assembling. Not only is the large-scale battle depiction powerful, but the sword fights of each warrior are finished speedily and stylishly, and the appearance as an anime movie scene on the screen was outstanding.

In addition, “Manga Productions” worked on the elemental composition and concept of the movie and was involved in the entire process and Toei Animation even after the production. It is an animation production company that is a subsidiary of the “MiSK Foundation,” which was established in 2011 by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. It is also fresh in my memory that the MiSK Foundation became a hot topic at the end of 2020 when it acquired the Japanese company “SNK,” known for its popular fighting game “King of Fighters.” “Arab lacks content that attracts locals as well as viewers around the world,” said Isamu Bukari, CEO of Manga Productions. “High quality to compete with global production companies. “There is no work” is raised as an issue. Also, because it is difficult for overseas production companies to convey Arab culture, people, and religion correctly, he said that he made it with the goal of “making the journey a creative content with international competitiveness.” The actual main story had a lot of respect for the culture and religious beliefs of the Arab people, and it was also a very volume content in which the “four narratives” described later were told. Thanks to Japan’s strongest level of the gorgeous cast and high-quality animation by the staff, the passion of “I want to send Arab things to the world!” It Will is conveyed as “this is it.”

A large volume of four Arab narratives

A further feature of this work is that a total of four Arab narratives unfold. The main story of the warriors confronting the invaders is “Abraha and the Army of Elephants.” The three narratives, “Noah’s Ark,” “Miracle of Moses,” and “Iram of the Pillar,” are sandwiched at crucial points. -ing The quality of the scene where these three Arab tales are told is also high. Each is artistic and beautiful, and the folk music recorded with a professional musician locally is also impressive. Tatsuro Iwamoto, the original character designer, seems to have drawn 110 pictures for this narrative scene. Moreover, Toru Furuya is in charge of the narration of each narrative.

Kotono Mitsuishi, Hideyuki Hori, the ears are happy and the luxury of crossing the atmosphere. However, the problem of “stopping the story” has emerged when these three narratives begin. Some people may feel like “I’m full of tales …” just because the main story is exciting and the destination is worrisome. Director Shizuno also said, “It was difficult to incorporate the three narratives into the main drama, considering the meaning,” and it is true that the hardships can be seen. Nonetheless, each narrative is linked to the character’s assertions in the main story and is inserted into the account with certain breaks (not in an emergency). The script by Atsuhiro Tomioka was entirely devised so that it could be viewed as stress-free as possible. By all means, do not take it negatively as “Is it a fairy tale that will stop the main story again …” but switch your mind and see “You can enjoy the Arab fairy tale with beautiful pictures and narration by gorgeous voice actors!”

I want to. Looking back at the overall story, it’s not that unrelated stories are forced into it, but that the spirituality of the story that emphasizes the importance of “courage” and “patience” is consistent. You should understand. In addition, each narrative has a vital element of “faith in God,” and it is indeed difficult for Japanese people, who are often non-religious, to enter. However, in that respect, Hiroshi Kamiya mentioned above was adequate for the nihilistic mercenary, who dislikes the beautiful Voice of Voice, to take a frosty attitude toward the main character who speaks the tale of “Noah’s Ark.” It has an objective and critical perspective, which makes it easier for people who are not good at “religiousness” to accept it. The fact that the villain is trying to invade with overwhelming power based on the value of “If you believe in God will solve it?” Was also used well as a contrast to the main character. Above all, the hero challenges the battle with a particular “belief.” The story of going on a difficult road and grasping “hope” may instead resonate with the Japanese. Above all, there has never been a passionate work that delivers Arab narratives to the world with such high-quality animation. In addition to that high aspiration, it is excellent to make it entertainment that everyone can enjoy, which is likely to die due to the relationship with rival characters. Please take a look at the theater. (Hinataka)

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