‘Pokemon Legends Arceus’ Interesting Recommended Game Live VTuber 7 Selections!

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The latest work in the “Pokemon” series, “Pokemon Legends Arceus,” is an action RPG set in an open world.

If you step into the field, wild Pokemon live in the grass, and you can gently approach and throw a monster ball directly, watch the wandering, and feel as if you were lost in the world of Pokemon’s work. Experience is fun.

It seems that VTubers are also enjoying “new Pokemon” with the live distribution. With the fans, he returned to his childhood and flirted with him, giving a joyful voice to each of the Pokemon in front of him.

It is good to watch the live stream at first sight, but after clearing the game, you can check “What kind of reaction will that person do?” Or run in parallel while playing the game yourself—the fun part of VTuber delivery.

So who should watch?

Based on the author’s discretion and prejudice in this article, we picked up seven people from various female VTubers who can feel Pokemon love.

It introduced “Pokemon Legends Arceus” along with the plans and videos that are the basis for what kind of place you felt Pokemon love in the seven people who got lost and chose!

Weird story videos! / Aoi Fuji
Aoi Fuji is a VTuber who posts singing plans, live games, variety videos, etc., with the concept of “the cheerleader of your heart.”
She was particularly fascinated by her singing ability and clear singing voice, which she couldn’t think of as the same person as the variety show because she had a desire to “liven up her songs” from the beginning of her activities.

In the video she posted in the past, there were some stories dealing with “Pokemon.”

For example, a fake documentary dealing with used monster balls and a 3D drawing distribution of Charizard.

The fake documentary is a social video about the monster ball that failed to be captured. Still, it is very well done with content that extends to environmental issues.

It was also content that I could imagine from what perspective Aoi Fuji usually enjoys Pokemon, and she made me feel that she liked “Pokemon.”

In “Pokemon Legends Her Arceus,” there is a place to point out the differences from the conventional series in detail, and the polite commentary is impressive.

“Pokemon” is a limit nerd! / Fuyuno Saya (Private Strawberry Girls’ Academy)

“Private Ichigo Jogakuin” is a duo VTuber unit consisting of a blonde high school third grader “Aki Natsukawa” and a black hair second grader “Fuyuno Saya.”

After preparing 3D models, etc., and working as an individual for two years, I belonged to MIKUCAN from October 2021.

It is a hot topic for aggressive activities such as achieving 27 hours of 3D live distribution in November last year while sticking to the unique style of delivering without archive for 15 minutes from midnight every day.

The one who is crazy about “Pokemon” is Saya Fuyuno. When “Dipari Make” was announced at “Pokemon Presents LIVE 2021”, she showed me some of the miraculous reactions of crying and vomiting with so much joy.

It seems that his companion, Aki Natsukawa, couldn’t hear the voice. Still, the opposite reaction between Mr. Fuyuno and Mr. Natsukawa, who had reached the limit, symbolized the duo’s role as it is, even in the video released in the clipping. I was showing a great combination.

Fuyuno-san is soloing the distribution of “Pokemon Legends Her Arceus.” Still, Natsukawa-san seems to like the craft elements and open-world elements, and she tweeted that she might like it the most in the series.

Beginner representative who is delivering “Pokemon” for the first time! / Rui Sejima (AniMare, a quiet cafe)

Rui Sejima, who belongs to “AniMare,” is a dog girl who just made her debut in October 2020. She is innocent and seems to have a lot of planning and distribution in her usual activities.

She isn’t very familiar with “Pokemon,” she says, and she’s the first to play “Pokemon Legends Her Arceus.”

Perhaps because of that, she couldn’t wait for the frame scheduled for 7:00 am on the day of the release, so she greeted the morning without falling asleep and carried out the first delivery with high tension.

The first delivery time is 5 hours 51 minutes! She seems to be crazy about this work, such as she continues to play the game “behind the scenes” even after the distribution ends and reports on Twitter that she was addicted to “Pokemon Legends Her Arceus.”

It was in the drawing project that she delivered about “Pokemon.” Of course, it happened before the delivery of “Pokemon Legends Arceus.”

The plan was to draw a Pokemon in a blindfolded state and hit it by the listener, but it seemed popular, so the second one was held.
In the second session, four people were invited as guests, “Ran Hinokuma,” “Kuku Kazami,” and “Izumi Yuzuhara,” who are friends of “AniMare.”

With “Pokemon Legends Her Arceus” as a trigger, I’m paying attention to how much Pokemon Rui is addicted to.

Fan exchange at the Pokemon exchange party! / Kakyoin Chieri (.LIVE)

Chieri Kakyoin is a VTuber belonging to VTuber production “. life”.
Initially, she was an individual, but she worked as a . LIVE VTuber group “Idol Club” and is now active as a . LIVE VTuber. While she fascinates viewers with various contents such as game distribution and chats distribution, the last year, 2021, held her long-awaited 1st solo live “Meruhen Cherikku Castle.”

Chieri Kakyoin, who is innocent and always has high tension in any project, is also under increased pressure from beginning to end in the distribution of “Pokemon Legends Her Arceus.” She was surprised at her new system and capture method in this work. She finished the first distribution while paying attention to fashionably, saying, “I want to change her costume and hairstyle as soon as possible!”.

And as she was enthusiastic about playing the game outside of the stream, she said, “I’m sorry if I inadvertently proceeded with the story.”

Chieri Kakyoin, who originally played the series, held a drawing distribution and a Pokemon exchange meeting in her distribution frame in addition to her capture distribution. She had a taste of chat distribution rather than a unique project and enjoyed interacting with fans through “Pokemon.”

Capture the series with a blue squeeze! / Kokoro Amamiya (Nijisanji)
Kokoro Amamiya is a river belonging to the VTuber group “Nijisanji”.
She mainly distributes games, and among them, “Pokemon” has captured various titles such as “Pokemon Black,” “Pokemon Black 2”, “New Pokemon Snap,” “Pokemon X,” and “Pokemon Y.”

Initially, it was a standard strategy distribution, but from “Pokemon Black 2”, the project started with a party tied up in blue. Her blue or water Pokemon binding has become a staple of her “Pokemon” distribution.

Kokoro Amamiya, who loves “Pokemon,” shows her love in “3D unveiling delivery”, an important event for her VTuber. In addition to singing one of the anime version’s opening themes, “1, 2, 3,” at the live corner, she released a “Pokemon” situation parody video tailored to Tale.

In addition, Kokoro Amamiya said that she planned to read out Pokemon in the Galar region for her first ASMR distribution.
She said she used the download version for the first distribution of “Pokemon Legends She’s Arceus,” but she also booked the package version correctly.

Defeat NPCs with minor devil characters! / Murasaki Shion (Hololive)
Speaking of Hololive 2nd gen member Murasaki Shion, the “Holopoke Cup” held on Nico Nico Live Broadcasting the other day is new in her memory.

At the first tournament held last year, she advanced to the finals and played a great game with Ayame Nakiri.

And this year, which will be the second tournament, we will play against Ayame Hyakuki again in the first round. Although it was the first match, the audience was heated by the battle, just like the final match.

Her usual playstyle is a chat-style that puts in tsukkomi and incites NPCs.

I’m playing happily with Cucka, but I’m doing a delivery that is somewhat devilish and addictive.

Murasaki Shion loves “Pokemon,” which is durable until every morning a new “Pokemon” is released.

Of course, “Pokemon Legends Her Arceus” also started the game at midnight on the release date and played for a long time of 8 hours and 35 minutes.

As a result, her throat got sick, and she is currently temporarily out of service. As soon as he recovers, he will play the continuation of “Arceus” again.

What are your thoughts on kimono and Japanese-style rooms? / Gawr Gura (Hololive English)

From a different perspective than the six people we have picked up so far, we would like to recommend the talents of the overseas groups of Hololive, “Hololive Indonesia,” and “Hololive English.”

This “Pokemon” has a robust Japanese taste. Many people should be fascinated by the system of taking off shoes simultaneously as going up on the tatami mat and the world view as a historical drama. The same was true for the commentators, and the reactions of the overseas commentators were exciting.

Among them, the one who seemed to have fun with a big reaction was “Shark-chan” or “Gawr Gura,” who belongs to Hololive English.
She reacts to various objects installed in the room while paying attention to the kimono and walking around the dormitory that the player will rent. She was so adorable that she was fascinated by her commentary.

Of course, it will be delivered in English, but there are also people like Takanashi Kiara and IRS who will play live in Japanese, so why not look at each delivery once?

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