World K-Pop Center, K-POP Complex Cultural Space Opening Ceremony Held

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On the 16th, the World K-Pop Center held an opening ceremony for a K-POP complex cultural space, including a K-pop performance hall located in Namsan Freedom Federation, a practice room for K-pop education and content production, and a recording studio.

At this opening ceremony, World K-Pop Center held a reception to commemorate the publication of Star Donation Thanks Giving, including a business introduction, a signing ceremony for a cultural and artistic group agreement with the World K-Pop Center, Silver Fox, Touch Sky, and the Korea Culture and Arts Association. In addition, the CREST72 wedding showcase showed off.

The opening ceremony was attended by Park Seong-jin, CEO of the World K-Pop Center, Hwang Jeong-RI, president of the World Martial Arts Federation. Park Hae-mi, Seoul Future Music Alternative School president, Lee Dong-jun, president of the Korea Arts and Culture Model Association, Hong Sang-Gyu, Gembross president, Jeong Jeong-mook WooK Construction’s president, Byun Ji-Hyeon, next-generation International Film Festival chairman. Yewon Group Chairman Cho Hyun-Gyu and Vita Super Universe Chairman Yoon Geun-soo were in attendance.

The World K-Pop Center plans to establish a new K-POP complex cultural space in Namsan, the center of Seoul, to further spur global artists who will lead content development and sustainability in line with the globalization trend of Hallyu. Everything is possible at the World K-Pop Center, from discovering potential artists to nurturing global artists. Audition booth (hereafter genie casting) to discover artists, practice room for training, recording studio and shooting studio necessary for content production, outdoor concert hall, and gallery where you can directly experience the produced K-content, all facilities for this are provided.

In addition, at the World K-Pop Center, you can meet CREST72, where you can hold a wedding with a greenery garden concept that is friendly to nature in the city center. On the day of the opening ceremony, CREST72’s ‘Wedding Showcase’ held at Namsan Hill Square Glass Hall was held with only a minimum of influencers and wedding officials invited, and PCR testing and strict quarantine rules were followed.

At the Thanks Giving publication commemoration reception, the special issue of the thanksgiving magazine was published. Donation activities with a wide range of artists are scheduled to continue through the Thanksgiving Special, published as a collaboration between Shooting Star Donation, which wants to instill a donation mindset into everyone’s life, and Tribute, which has the slogan of ‘Shop for donation.’

The World K-Pop Center was established to nurture and distribute Korean Wave experts. It is a place to train stars and professional trainers who will lead the globalization of Hallyu. Currently, kids’ and adults’ classes are operated at the World K-Pop Gwangjin Center and Namsan Center, and a K-pop certification course is also in progress.

The World K-Pop Center said, “As we aim to achieve a balanced development of the Korean K-POP brand by forming a field of entertainment cooperation, Namsan Hill Square, where you can see everything K-pop directly, can create the greatest synergy. There will be a space. We hope that it will become a space where domestic and foreign K-pop fans can enjoy K-content and heal in Namsan, the center of Seoul.” (Photo provided by World K-Pop Center)

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