‘Kemono Friends’ directed by Tatsuki to the latest production ‘2023? On Screen’ in the first theater original work Suddenly announced to fans surprised

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The special edition of New Year’s Eve of the director Tatsuki’s work “Hentatsu,” known for the popular anime “Kemono Friends” and “Kemurikusa” was broadcast on TOKYO MX on the 31st. After the broadcast, a special video was played, and it was suddenly announced that the first theater original work, which was the latest work of director Tatsuki, would be produced. It was announced as “2023? On Screen”. The title is undecided and is expected to be screened in 2023.

When the special news video suddenly appeared on the internet, “It’s a new announcement !!!! I have a reason to live until 2023! The directors should be healthy and healthy!” “I was surprised!” ” I’m looking forward to the screening. “Congratulations on the theatrical work! I can’t wait for 2023 from now … Please do your best in the production. “I’m looking forward to what kind of work! “

In addition, this special news video was released on the official Twitter of director Tatsuki.

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