A rare event that happened in the summer of 2021 anime. ‘Lifeless with Uramichi’ song brother Teru Ike unveiled a rare word that could not be silenced at once!

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Good boys ~! Did you see the 2021 summer anime “Life Lessons with Uramichi” broadcast on TV Tokyo and others? (Uramichi brother style)

Excuse me, Kohon. This work is a comedy work that depicts the daily life of Omotada Uramichi, the gymnast “Uramichi Onii-san” who appears in the educational program “Maman and Together.”

The darkness of adults and the sadness of life shown by the characters are very piercing to the author of the thirty, but there is something that makes me laugh, and I am currently addicted to it. However, the reason why I decided to write this article is not that this work is fascinating.

I’m apprehensive about Teru Jagaike, the older brother of the song that spouts out every time the word “chin” comes out!

No matter how much he likes off-color humor, the reason for laughing is too stupid ……! I mean, how much is this guy spouting out in the play? Once you are worried, you can no longer concentrate on watching the program.

That’s why, in this article, I will introduce at once how often Iketeru hears the word with “chin” (here, “a rare word”) and laughs. The measurement range is up to 9 episodes, and the detailed rules are as follows.

Rule: Count rare words once per scene

Rare words are counted as once for each type, no matter how you say it. Even if the same rare word is spoken over time, it will be counted separately.

However, only Iketeru laughed at are rare words (excluding words that Iketeru has not heard).

Episode 1: Number of rare words 4

Tyndall phenomenon
Speakers: Omoteda Uramichi, Teru Jagaike

One of the physicochemical phenomena caused by the characteristics of light, which we can generally see is the sunlight shining through the clouds and the sunlight through the trees.

A rare word that first appeared in anime. Coupled with the acting of Mamoru Miyano, who played the role of Teru Ike, the author also laughed with his stomach.

Wage increase
Speaker: Omoteda Uramichi

Raise wages. This word itself has no confusing meaning, but it is a word that you might read deeply when you look at the work environment of the backstreets.

The back road that felt something from Iketeru laughing at the Tyndall phenomenon is one of the rare words that whispered like folding.

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