The latest work in the ‘Large Monster Gamera’ series will be distributed on Netflix on September 7th. Anime ‘GAMERA -Rebirth’

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It was announced on September 7th that Netflix will start distributing the animation “GAMERA -Rebirth-,” the latest work of the widespread special effects “Large Monster Gamera.”

Before distribution, behind-the-scenes footage of the production “Making of ‘GAMERA -Rebirth-‘” was released on YouTube and other official channels. From the meeting pattern, the production process of “Gamera” was revealed with valuable design materials.

On the official website, the concept art of the monster was released on the “Monster Encyclopedia” page. In addition, the first official shop for “GAMERA -Rebirth-” will be held in Yurakucho Marui. The period is from September 6th to 20th.

The anime has six episodes. During the summer vacation of 1989, Boko, Joe, and Junichi, in the sixth grade of elementary school, meet Brody, the son of the commander of the U.S. Forces in Japan. Brody steals the cash that the three of them saved. Angry Bokos plan a strategy to get their money back. A crisis comes to the town when the system is about to be implemented.

Monster Gyaos suddenly attacks Tokyo—four people who stand in a town ruined by Gyaos. When Gyaos aims at them, a vast monster appears. Its name was Gamera, and this was the beginning of his four “Monster Summer.” A monster that appears one after another. Gamera fights even though he is injured. And the boys witness the legend. (Yorozu News Editorial Department)

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