‘Kimetsu no Yaiba’ Yukaku Hen: Net delight in the rant rush of the fallen princess ‘Even curse is comfortable.’

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The fifth episode of “TV Anime” Kimetsu no Yaiba “Yukaku Hen” (Fuji TV / Every Sunday at 23:15) was broadcast on January 2nd. In the fifth episode, the escalating rant of the fallen princess was followed by rather pleased viewers, saying, “The voice and acting are so good that even the curse is comfortable” and “The fallen princess’s de S is the best.” The net is showing a surprising excitement.

In the fifth episode, the battle between Tanjiro Kamado and the land and fallen princess of the first string will intensify. Kanjiro manages to rescue humans from the obi while surpassing the attack by breathing water but realizes that he is not a body suitable for breathing water like Sakonji Rakutaki and Yoshiyuki Tomioka and switches to Hinokami Kagura.

The fallen princess has made strong remarks: “It’s ugly, you’re creepy, shouldn’t you die?” And “I’ll just pick up the eyeballs and eat them.” When a roaring sound is heard nearby, he is cursed to breathe, “It’s noisy, garbage insects!” I’ll kill you next time because it hinders the tantrum. ” The ultimate goal is to tell Kanjiro, who is desperately looking for a clue to victory, saying, “I will never let you take it unreasonably again,” even though he was wholly wounded by the reaction and onslaught of Hinokami Kagura. That line. It has nothing to do with battle anymore, and you can see the thorough beauty and ugliness of the fallen princess.

Many rants that gouge the heart, combined with the acting of voice actor Miyuki Sawashiro, “Mr. Sawashiro at the time of the fallen princess is certainly scary … The feeling of de S is not odd” “Mr. Miyuki Sawashiro’s acting There are a lot of viewers who are afraid, “I’m so absorbed in it that it’s too good,” “I can’t recover when the fallen princess tells me this …”, “I’m scared of a fallen princess!” On the other hand, he rejoices, “I feel like being scolded by such violent words,” “I stabbed something,” “I can’t stop loving the cursed lines,” and “The fallen princess in the Yukaku edition is correct.” Many voices were also posted.

In addition, the worm belt that had been separated from the fallen princess also uttered abusive words to Inosuke Hashibira Inosuke, saying, “Dirty, smelly dung beetles !!”, but the fallen princess himself described Inosuke’s true face as “beautiful.” On the net, “I sympathized with” I understand “only where I praised Inosuke for being beautiful.” “I’m glad that Inosuke’s evaluation from the fallen princess I was looking forward to was solid.” “Beautiful certification” was received, and I laughed. “

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