‘GeGeGe no Kitaro’ new movie, character design is ‘Shin Eva’ deputy director, meaningful teaser visual release.

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The new movie “GeGeGe no Kitaro” from the anime “GeGeGe no Kitaro” was announced on the 28th. Staff information and new teaser visuals have been released.

The director is Go Koga, the series director of the TV anime “Digimon Universe App Monsters,” and the director of the 5th movie “Gegege no Kitaro Japan Explosion !!”

The script is Hiroyuki Yoshino, known for the series composition and screenplay of the TV anime “Macross F” and the TV anime “World Trigger.” And the character design will be handled by Toko Yatabe, an attention-grabbing young stock who was the deputy director of “Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version,” which was released this year and recorded a mega-hit.

In the 6th period of the TV anime “GeGeGe no Kitaro,” the super handsome young “Medama-Oyaji” appearance attracted a lot of attention. The three people who acted as the heroes depict the world of Kitaro that they have never seen.

Also, in the released visual, a figure of shocking red-eye peeking through the gap of the bandage and a meaningful catchphrase asking, “Are you a Nanimono?” The one that this eyeball and bandage show is still …! ?? What does catchphrase mean? Toko Yatabe drew the whole body, and the design is impressive, and you can’t take your eyes off it.

This new movie is based on the 6th season of the TV anime “GeGeGe no Kitaro” broadcast from 2018 to 2020. Draw a story that approaches the hidden mystery about “the birth of Kitaro” that seems to be known but not known. The role of Kitaro will be Miyuki Sawashiro, who also played the same role in the TV anime version and Masako Nozawa as the father of Kitaro.

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