The iron plate of the jump manga? I thought I was dead. Three shocking characters that were ‘actually alive.’

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In manga and anime that show serious development, the “death” of the main character can be the most significant status change. While I was surprised and wept at the development of the character dying, many people may have been excited about the product in which the character who should have died reappears in a vital scene “actually alive”.

In the battle manga, these are “actually alive!” Characters are the development of iron plates. We conducted a questionnaire survey of 200 manga-loving men in their 30s and 40s and asked them to list one of the “most surprised characters” who was alive when they thought they were dead. I want to introduce the most popular opinions and various comments from my memories.

The article includes spoilers for “Fist of the North Star,” “Dai no Daibouken,” and “Dragon Ball.” Please be careful if you have not read it.

Yuria from 3rd place “Fist of the North Star.”
First, Yuria from “Fist of the North Star” was selected the 3rd place (12.0%).

Kenshiro’s fiancé, Yuria, is abducted by Shin, who has a crush on herself and jumps to commit suicide. Like Kenshiro, who continues her journey in despair after defeating Shin, Yuria, who thought most of her readers were dead, reappears as “Nanto’s Last General.” I showed one of the most dramatic scenes in the film.

From the person who chose it, “I was sure to die” (34 years old, male), “Because the way of re-appearance was too cool. I never thought that he was the last general of Nanto!” (43 years old, male) ), “I was in a special position from just a heroine, and it was a development that I could not take my eyes off” (46 years old, male), “I was surprised at the development that was too shocking” (45 years old, male). Rice field.

Avan from 2nd place “Dai no Daibouken”
Avan of “DRAGON QUEST -Dai no Daibouken-” ranked 2nd place (16.0%).

Avan, the hero’s teacher, decides to take the resurrected enemy Hudler with him at the beginning of the story and defeat him. It exploded in front of the dies, and as a result, the adventures of the disciples began here. He was thought to have died, but Avan has survived with the protection of “Karl’s Protection” and will reappear in the final battle with the Demon King’s army.

Mr Avan made a great impression in episode 73, “Hope in the Flame”, of the anime “Dai no Daibouken”, broadcast on April 16th. In this questionnaire, there were many comments on the development of this chest fever, “because I thought that I was 100% dead in the early stages, but appeared alive in the final stages” (35 years old, male), “I am full in the final stage of the story. “I was excited about the appearance of having it” (34 years old, male), “I was moved by the reunion with the disciples” (32 years old, male), “The resurrection from the shatters at Megante is truly impossible. (Laughs)” (45-year-old male) gathered.

Freeza from 1st place “Dragon Ball.”
“I was alive” is not only the development of chest heat where friends reappear but also cases where enemies reappear persistently. Frieza of “Dragon Ball” was selected by 19.0% of the people and ranked first.

Frieza is one of the most famous bosses in “Dragon Ball”. She fights against Goku, but when Goku discontinues the fight, she falls into a state of confusion and accidentally cuts her own body and destroys herself. Goku then helped her, but she was defeated when she launched an attack that betrayed her compassion. She was caught up in the explosion of Planet Namek, and she became dust in the universe. I thought, but her surgery cyborged her whole body to relieve her resentment towards Goku and the Earth. Invaded. She is the best in his series.

From the people who chose “Cyborg into a three-stage transformation … I was surprised” (48 years old, male), “Freeza-sama has the best character standing! Comments were received: “The best heel” (49 years old, male) and “I love being too strong and too strong” (38 years old, male).

This time, the names that went up to the top were all characters with intense death scenes and re-appearance scenes that everyone believed “that character was dead”. It was also impressive that many character names were mentioned in the “Weekly Shonen Jump” work.

The production that “the character who thought he was dead was alive” is often seen in “Saint Seiya”, “Kai !! Otokojuku”, “Kinnikuman”, etc., and this time the votes are dispersed from those works. The names of multiple characters were up.

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