KINTO x anime ‘TIGER & BUNNY 2’ special interview released

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KINTO Co., Ltd. has decided to be a placement company for HERO “Wild Tiger” that appears in the original animation “TIGER & BUNNY 2”, exclusively distributed worldwide as the Netflix series from April 8th. In commemoration, a special interview by Wild Tiger himself was released on April 12th.

Wild Tiger has a firm belief in “what a hero should be” and is sometimes called a “breaker of justice” because he sometimes destroys buildings because he prioritises saving lives. However, the attitude of the Wild Tiger has something to do with KINTO’s value of “breaking through common sense and creating a new world,” and we are very sympathetic to it. We have decided to support it as a placement company.

In the city of Sternbild that appears in the film “NEXT”, special abilities belong to the company as heroes and are working to help the citizens. From this season, KINTO will conduct a special interview with him when he places Wild Tiger. In this interview, we asked about Wild Tiger’s policy as a hero, his impression of the placement company, his feelings and enthusiasm for the hero who joined from the new season, his memories of his trip, and the music he listens to on his car.

First of all, please briefly introduce yourself.

Thx! Wild Tiger, who cares for his beard about once every two days for Tiger & Burnaby!

What is Tiger’s “NEXT” ability?

“Hand red power” is to increase your physical ability 100 times. Not only muscular strength but also hearing, eyesight, and all that, Burn is 100 times more.

Have you ever had a hard time with your abilities?

Well, I woke up when I was a kid, but I had a hard time at first. I can’t control my abilities, so I’m left out. I broke the tableware with just a touch, broke my desk, and at night, I couldn’t sleep because I heard so little noise.

Have you changed from being able to use the 5-minute ability to 1 minute before?

I’ve become more particular about the timing of activating abilities than before. I got advice from my partner, thinking about the timing to put out the ability. Right now, I’m starting my abilities while consulting with Burnaby.

What is a placement company for heroes? What kind of existence are you?

We know that placement companies are the ones who support us heroes.

Well, I’m just grateful!

Did you know our company that placed on the heel of the hero suit this time?

Ah, uh. to be honest! I’m sorry to hear that you can place it and study in a hurry.

No, what do you think about car subscriptions?

No, I think it has become a convenient world. KINTO-san can make a contract with just a smartphone, right? Even if you want to ride a car, you can’t easily buy a new one. It’s easy to switch with just a smartphone … No, I think it has become a convenient world. Oh, I said the same thing twice now.

What is your impression that KINTO is a placement company for Mr Wild Tiger?

I think it’s perfect for me. I saw KINTO’s vision and value, but I thought it would also apply to me. “Breaking through common sense and creating a new world” or “Enjoy change with a flexible mind that is not bound by the framework”. Wild Tiger is always looking for the best way to protect the citizens with flexible ideas, breaking common sense!

However, as an adverse effect, the amount of compensation has increased a little.

Have you changed anything in the new season?

Yes, there is! There is a lot! Because it’s a buddy system from this time on! Buddy isn’t “1 + 1”, so I don’t know what will happen, and I’m excited every time I’m dispatched! Oh, and my mechanic has developed a new suit! I’m sure he said “Nanchara system”, but … It’s like the hero suit I dreamed of when I was a kid, and it’s excellent!

Please tell us your impression of the new hero.

Mr Black and He’s Thomas can be cheeky and energetic. When I was a newcomer, I think I was glaring because I didn’t want to lose to my seniors. When you look at them, do you remember those days? I’m excited! Magical Cat seems to be still in the growth stage, but if you keep up with Dragon Kid, you’re likely to become a tremendous hero.

I am looking forward to them. If you ask me anything, I’ll tell you anything.

So, which buddy is likely to be a rival this season?

I agree. The rivals are. Tiger & Burnaby. Our past rivals! Yes! You said good things right now, right? Please make an article ideally.

May I ask you about “movement” this time? Mr Tiger, what is your usual means of transportation?

As you all know, when heading for an incident, I ride a sidecar on a Burnaby bike. Still, the bike doesn’t let me drive, the bunny guy … Eh, is it private? It’s a private car. It’s a 4×4 guy. I ride it when I’m shooting a TV program or when it’s not an incident. When I went to buy a car, I fell in love with it at first sight and thought that this was the case. At that time, when a new car arrived, I was excited and got up! So, I invited him to drive to brag about Rock Bison, but … then he! The heel of my shoe had a weird round cutter that I used to cut pizza, and I broke the sheet! After all, even though it was a new car, I had to change the seat. I was sad at that time.

Is there any music you listen to in your car?

There is not much music. You are listening to the primary radio. After all, as a hero, I’m worried about the incident. I often tune in to the programs that my hero friends are doing. Fire Emblem programs, Blue Rose, etc … Mario-san’s program is the live broadcast of HERO TV. I don’t think I’ll do my best when I listen to it.

Do you have any memories of your trip?

When I’m a hero, I don’t have much time off. So I couldn’t go on a trip at all … It’s not a memory of the trip, but is it okay? Don’t you leave home early when you go out for work early in the morning? I like the highway at that time. When I was driving on a dim highway where the car hadn’t run much yet, the rising sun gradually rose, and the road and sky illuminated by the light were beautiful. Every time I see the scenery, I think, “I’m glad I got up early”.

Finally, please give a few words to your fans!

HERO TV has a buddy system from this season, as all fans know. Team play with a partner is more critical than in previous seasons. However, this is just a problem … However, I think it is a system that can protect the safety and security of Sternbild more than ever, so please support me till the end! Wild Tiger will constantly bark wildly with Burnaby! Oh, I’d be happy if you refrain from calling me by your real name instead of Wild Tiger. It’s time to do it! That’s it, see you again!

To commemorate the release of the individual interview, five people who registered as Kinto membership members (free of charge) during the application period will be selected by lottery, and the character of the original animation “TIGER & BUNNY 2”, Toru Toru.

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