The No. 1 ranking of ‘manga artists withdrawing power’ has been decided! ‘Takeshi Obata’ is the third choice for women in their 30s and under!

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This time, the Netorabo Survey Team conducted a questionnaire about “manga artists withdrawing power” in cooperation with the “Voice Note” questionnaire site. Respondents are women in their 30s or younger nationwide. In addition to story development, manga must have easy-to-read frame division and drawing power, such as power and delicacy. Who will be the cartoonist who has gained the support of young women? Let’s take a look at the TOP3.

Takeshi Obata
The third place is “Takeshi Obata”. Born in 1969, Mr Obata made his debut in 1989 with “CYBORG Grandpa G”. After that, “Hikaru no Go”, “DEATH NOTE”, and “Bakuman.”, And many blockbuster works that have been made into TV animations and live-action movies have been announced. The characters and backgrounds drawn in detail are attractive, and “Hikaru no Go” won the 45th Shogakukan Manga Award. Currently, in “Jump SQ.”, “Shoha Shoten!” ] Is being serialized.

Osamu Tezuka
The second place is “Osamu Tezuka”. Born in 1928, Mr Tezuka has created countless masterpiece manga such as “Astro Boy,” “Blackjack,” and “Jungle Emperor.” The delicate and beautifully drawn characters are still popular with the production of goods. The drawing power that formed the basis of modern manga and the development and setting of stories that feel fresh even now continue to influence many writers.

Eiichiro Oda
The first place is “Eiichiro Oda”. Born in 1975, Mr Oda started serializing “ONE PIECE”, which depicts the adventures of pirates in 1997. It was also made into TV animation and has grown into a manga representing Japan. The detailed pictures drawn to the background are so popular that art books are also on sale. Solo exhibitions where you can enjoy original drawings are also popular.

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