The takeover of the official website of the anime ‘Seven Senses of the Subaru’ or in a state where inappropriate images are posted

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The website that was the official website of the TV anime “Seven Senses of the Subaru” has been tampered with, and obscene images continue to be posted on the top page.

“Seven Senses of the Subaru” is a light novel published by Gagaga Bunko and was made into a TV animation in 2018.

When you access the site, an image that you can see at first glance that is not official is posted. When the editorial department checked the past digital archives, it seemed that it was functioning as an official website until around 2020, but from about 2021, it seems that it has been tampered with to the current state.

On the internet, there are comments such as “The official website is seriously hijacked”, “Official website Yaba www”, and “What’s the official fake of the Seven Senses of the Subaru?”

In addition to hijacking, the cause may be domain expiration. Still, when I contacted TBS of the “Seven Senses of the Subaru” production committee, I answered that “the site is not the official homepage at present”. With the image of the actual Seven Senses of the Subaru posted on the site, the company revealed that it responded, “We are requesting the server to delete the image of copyright infringement.”

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