‘Kiratto Pri Chan’ Oshama Trix first appeared live ‘Sisteryama, are you watching?’

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The live event “Welcome to Pri Chan Land!” The anime “Kiratto Pri Chan” of the famous “Pretty Series” was held at Nakano Sunplaza (Nakano-Ku, Tokyo) on August 22nd.

The day and night sections are held, and in the day section, “Oshama Trix” by Hodo Devi ( Saki Yamakita ) and Asuka Ru ( Azuki Shibuya ) will appear for the first time in a live concert, and “Naughty Carnival !!” Show off. Mr. Yamakita said, “I had a lot of things up to this point, but it was a lot of fun to have my first live performance! Also, I’ll always come to mischief!” Are you watching?

” The anime ended broadcasting in May this year, but Coco Hayashi, who played the role of Mirai Momoyama, called out, “Glittering support, thank you for your continued support!”

Nijinosaki Data, Data (both by Rico Sasaki) W Data is “MEMORIES FOR FUTURE -Ray-,” Mirai Momoyama (Mr. Hayashi), Emo Moe (Miyu Kubota), Rinka Aoba (Nanami Atsugi), And Kira CHU (Nanami Yamashita) unveiled the “Final Illuminations” for the first time. The live ended with all the performers singing the anime’s opening theme, “Kiratto Start.”

“Kiratto Pri Chan” is a video site with the theme of self-transmission. The activities of Mirai Momoyama and others are depicted in a world where girls aim to become pre-chan idols by distributing programs. It was broadcast from April 2018 to May 2021.

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