The unique driving force of the movie ‘Crayon Shin-chan’s! Approaching Shinnosuke’s companion, Kazama-kun and Shiro

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“Movie Crayon Shin-chan Mystery Meki!” Which was postponed from April. “Hana no Tankas Gakuen” has finally been released and is a hit. This time, which was released as a summer vacation movie since the first movie version “Movie Crayon Shin-chan Action Kamen VS Haigure Maou ” (93), the story of Kasukabe Defense Corps members entering the super-elite school “Tankas Gakuen” .. Shinnosuke and Kazama-kun, who is a big fan, is bitten by an unidentified sucker demon. A ridiculous development awaits that he will become the “ultimate idiot.”

Kazama-kun is the elite character of “Kureshin,” but it is a famous story that Mari Mashiba, the voice actor who plays Kazama-kun, also plays the role of Shiro for the core fans. It is rare for one voice actor to carry the main characters of the same work, and it is a professional skill to express the emotions of Shiro, who shows emotions like human beings, only by crying! Let’s pick up episodes from the movie series so far that you can fully enjoy the activities of Kazama-kun & Shiro and Mashiba’s energetic performance.

Kazama-kun, Kazama-kun, who will entertain you with the name combination with Shinnosuke while colliding, real name: Kazama ToruIs, a boy who goes to the same Futaba kindergarten as Shinnosuke, and is a perfect kindergarten child who is good at studying and playing sports. He is an adult-like character who says, “I don’t watch children’s programs,” but in fact, he is an enthusiastic fan of witch anime. Shinnosuke is a name combination that fires light squirrels, but it often becomes a conflict in the movie version, probably because the characters are contrasting. “Movie Crayon Shin-chan Calls ARASHI! In “Kasukabe Boys in the Sunset” (04), he appeared as a sheriff trying to capture the Nohara family who entered the world of Western movies. The mustache and sheriff’s badge are dignified enough, but Kazama-kun is the place where Shinsuke’s ears are squeezed and dented. There is a bit of loneliness in the scene where he talks about why he doesn’t want to return to Kasukabe. Kazama-kun, who has grown up, becomes Shinnosuke’s love enemy (?), “Movie Crayon Shin-chan Super Space-Time! “Ora’s Bride Calling a Storm” (10) is also a must-see. Kazama-kun, who is an executive of Kinyu Denki, controls the future city of Neo Tokyo.

The story is that she is forced to marry her only daughter, Tamiko, with the president’s intention, Shinnosuke Nohara, but she is Shinnosuke’s fiancée. Marriage with Tamiko is reluctant, but is it divisible by the fact that it is for success? There is also a rare scene where an adult and a child Kazama meet at the wedding show venue. Kazama-Kun’s tsundere, which doesn’t make a lot of sense, can be seen in “Movie Crayon Shin-chan.” Ora’s Moving Story-Cactus Attack- “(15). The members of the Kasukabe Defense Corps, who had to move to Mexico due to Hiroshi’s transfer, came to see him off, but Kazama-kun studied at home for a test, saying that “the future is more important.” However, when Shinnosuke on the train looked out the window, he saw Kazama running on the bank with a matching badge in his hand! It is a famous scene where tears are inevitable for the friendship between the two who wave their hands while crying. Don’t miss the one frame after the end roll.

Shiro, who responds to Shinnosuke’s unreasonableness and invites tears with the strength of his bond, is a pure white and fluffy mongrel dog that was picked up by Shinnosuke when he was abandoned on the roadside. He is also a common sense person (dog) who seems to understand people’s words and is holding back and helping the people of the Nohara family who tend to run away. Speaking of the movie, Shiro plays the leading role, “Movie Crayon Shin-chan: Only the singing butt that calls the storm is a bomb! (07). A battle broke out between the Space Surveillance Center UNTI, the Hinageshi Opera Company, a group of beautiful terrorists, and the Nohara family over the bomb that stuck to Shiro’s ass. I was impressed by Shinnosuke’s kindness, desperately trying to protect Shiro, who was about to be blown into space with the bomb, but in the flashback scene immediately after that, he cried and laughed at Shiro. In addition, in “-Action Kamen VS Haigure Maou,” he speaks human words with the power of a machine, and in “Movie Crayon Shin-chan: The Legendary Buri Buri 3 Minutes Pokkiri Great Advance” (05), he becomes a hero with a heart of justice and long limbs. Become popular with cute dogs. Furthermore, “Crayon Shin-chan Moretsu calling a storm! In “Counterattack of the Adult Empire” (01), it’s the first time in almighty that even driving a bus is done. It may be the absolute pleasure of the movie version that you can see the activity of Shiro far beyond the frame of pets.

Mari Mashiba, who plays Kazama-kun and Shiro, comments on her feelings for the character! In the latest movie, of course, Mari Mashiba, who plays a dual role, heard her feelings for Kazama-kun and Shiro. Mashiba reveals the two parts, “Kazama-kun and Shiro focus on the feeling that they love Shin-chan, and keep in mind each expression.” Regarding the highlights of this work, “‘Tankas Gakuen’ is a mystery, friendship, dream, mistake, marathon, yakisoba bread! There are many things to see, so please come and see us!” He commented. What kind of stupidity does Kazama-kun, an honor student, always show? And where is the friendship with Shinnosuke?

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