Kis-My-Ft2 Toshiya Miyata challenges Shimofuri Myojo and a fierce muss game ‘I’m most disappointed in Johnny’s

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Kis-My-Ft2 ‘s Toshiya Miyata will appear in “Marbled Variety” (TV Asahi’s depth 0.20 to 0.50, etc.) broadcast on July 27 (Tuesday). Of this planning, the popular game “that are selling 5.48 million this all over the world Super Mario Studio 2 to” marbled morning star to challenge ” Mario maker 2. clear !! “. Miyata, who is known as an anime lover and is good at games, will participate in the project to bring in crude products, one of the best “gamers” in the entertainment world. Because of the excitement that Miyata’s appearance “had a special program at once.” “Super Mario Maker 2” is a game in which three people can play a course created by people worldwide. Shimofuri Myojo and Miyata will try the “Gekimusu” course, which is difficult to clear and challenge the endurance project that they cannot return until they reach the goal. Soshina showed motivation, “I want to challenge myself and leave a legend.” Miyata also said, “If you hear that there is such a fun project, you want to do it!” On the other hand, Seiya is a little worried, saying, “I’m afraid that futons are prepared in the studio,” while showing motivation. First of all, challenge the course with a special rate of 1.6%, which also serves as a warm-up.

Three people have practiced in advance because it is a challenging course even though it is a shoulder break-in. Miyata, who volunteered to be a top batter, shows the results of practicing between concerts for two weeks. Still, Seiya unintentionally spills, “Kis-My-uso2 has arrived?” In addition, because he was playing the first game, he also tried the crude product of Zhang himself, who brought in this project. Still, a high wall stands up from the beginning. It is a course with an apparent rate of 0.04% that these three people challenge with zero practice.

This means that you can play 10,000 times and clear only four times, and the apparent rate is 1. Even in the 6% course, the three people who suffered involuntarily look at each other. When Miyata challenged, “I’ll try it with the intention of adventuring first,” it’s so complex that I don’t know how to handle the controller. Time goes by, and Seiya says, “If you keep doing this, your life will end.” In the stagnant air of the studio, “Geki Yaba Mario Brothers” appeared to encourage the three people, and Shimofuri Myojo and Miyata also refreshed their mood. However, after that, Miyata fell into a situation where he said, “It’s been 20 years since I joined Johnny’s.

This challenge made me think again that “Mario is impressed!” I believe this project will be “God times.” Thank you for calling me when it was a good project! In the first place, Mario is the first game I played in my life. It’s nice to be able to return to the “origin” after becoming an adult. What happens when adults play a simple game called Mario seriously? I think that’s all in the play of the three of us. Through this project, I felt like I made a new friend, Shimofuri Myojo, so if there is anything in the future, I will always be there !!

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