Lu Bu, a character from the Three Kingdoms, seems prevalent in Japan, but ‘I don’t understand.’

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Sangokushi is very popular in  Japan, and there are various works such as novels, manga, anime, and games. Since many attractive characters appear, the popularity ranking of characters in Sangokushi is often done. Still, it is difficult for Chinese people to understand that Lu Bu is ranked high. Recently, a thread entitled “Why Japanese people like Lu Bu” has been set up on the Chinese Q & A site Zhihu, and various answers have been received.

Looking at the opinions of the thread, the relatively common comment was that it was “invincible strength” and that it was “perfect for the values ​​of Japanese people who worship the strong man.” Rice field. He also claimed that “because he is strong, his wife is beautiful, he is selfish, he looks brave, and he has had a miserable end” Japanese people tend to particularly like tragic heroes, so Lu Bu is not famous. Some people wondered if that was the case.

In a slightly unusual opinion, Dong Zhuo adopted Lu Bu, but some pointed out that there was a “difference in thinking about adoption.” He explained that adoption is considered a kind of shame in China, but Japan has no such way of thinking.

Others said, “Because Lu Bu is the perfect character for game development.” It is analyzed that characters with strong armed forces are more interesting than characters with high intelligence and political power in enjoying the game.

In addition, there was a comment that Lu Bu was evaluated as “a traitor and a person who returned grace” from the Chinese point of view, and “it does not fit the values ​​of Chinese people who value filial piety, loyalty, and etiquette.” Therefore, while pointing out that Lu Bu is famous in Japan because it is difficult for Chinese to understand, there is also an opinion that “There is no Chinese who likes Lu Bu” because it is said that it was an exceptional strength. Rice field.

There were various other opinions, but regardless of likes and dislikes, it seems that Lu Bu was an attractive person who became a hot topic in both China and Japan.

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