Mahjong Soul will be made into a TV animation as ‘Jantama PONG’! The broadcast started in April 2022!

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The director is Kenshiro Morii, the author of the four-frame manga “Sakana & Neko.”

Details haven’t been announced yet, but I’m looking forward to the cute and deformed Mahjong Soul characters.

What is “Mahjong Soul”?

It is a mahjong game that you can play online against players from all over the country in real-time.

With various battle styles such as “dan battle,” where you can play against players from all over the world, “friend battle,” where you can play against friends who can send chats according to your favorite rules, and “tournament battle,” where players can hold/participate in each other. You can enjoy a wide range of mahjong from beginners to advanced players.

Players will play against cutely drawn characters.

You can use stamps with various facial expressions according to the character when chatting with other players.

Famous voice actors such as Maaya Uchida and Ami Koshimizu are called character voices. You can hear cute voices on the home screen and while playing.

Character liking parameters are also set, and you can increase your liking by using it as an avatar or by giving an item. By increasing the likability, you can deepen the relationship with the character in various scenes, such as opening the function to change the CG of the additional voice and avatar.

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