Rena Ueda’s ‘Love is nice’ Misaki Kuno is also deeply involved in the story of the anime movie ‘Alice and Teres No Illusionary Factory Official Report.

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The premiere screening of the animated movie “Alice and Teres’ Phantom Factory” (released on the 15th) with a stage greeting was held in Tokyo on the 4th, featuring Rena Ueda (playing Mutsumi Sagami), Misaki Kuno (playing Gomi), and Mari Okada. The director took the stage, and the official report arrived.

That was shown on this day was completed on the night of the previous day on the 3rd… When it was announced that this was the freshly made main story, the audience was filled with admiration. Voice leaked out.

At the preview screenings that have already been held (*conducted using footage from the pre-screening version), Okada said, ”Thank you very much.” Ueda was asked, “What would you do if you lived in a town where change was forbidden,” referring to the setting of “a town where change is forbidden,” which is one of the attractions of this work. What do you think? Do you take it positively or negatively?” and answered, I guess I take it positively. That’s because I have a cat at home. If we could stay together forever without changing…” I’m happy,” he replied.

Kuno also said, “I’m sure I’m very happy,” and the venue was warm. Kuno said, “When I read the script for the first time, I felt that this worldview was suffocating. But that doesn’t mean it’s negative; it’s not the situation we want in our daily lives, but I can live a stable life every day. I think everyone feels that way.”

When asked by the MC, Have you ever been so absorbed in something that you couldn’t control your urges or couldn’t control your emotions?” Ueda immediately answered, Like I needed to get some caffeine (lol).” “It’s not like I’m going to destroy the world physically, but my world is different from yesterday. Even if it’s just caffeine, I can’t calm down or live without it, which is scary. When she confessed, I sometimes think that even small things like that can destroy the world,” Kuno deeply sympathized with her by saying, Even in everyday life, the world changes with a single word or action.”

When asked how he felt about the “urge to fall in love,” Ueda said, although he was worried about not giving away spoilers, he said, “After all, I thought that love is good. I also felt that it was frustrating and painful while watching it. But, because of that… hmm…! I wonder if I can get away with saying that the world will change?” He said with a bitter smile, “After watching it, I feel relieved. Why do I feel relieved? I think it’s good for people to watch it and think, “Is this it?”” he confessed.

The film will be released as the first original theatrical animation work by production company MAPPA and will be co-distributed with Warner Bros. Pictures. The story depicts the unstoppable urge to fall in love between boys and girls who are tired of their daily lives and begin to destroy the world. I am a third-year junior high school student who lives in a town where time has stopped, and all exits have been lost due to an explosion at a steelworks.

In hopes of returning to their normal state someday, the residents are forbidden to change and spend their days feeling depressed. Guided by Mutsumi, a mysterious classmate, they set foot in a steelworks’s No. 5 blast furnace. There was a girl who couldn’t speak and looked like a wild wolf.

The encounter between the two girls and Masamune upsets the balance of the world, and the unstoppable urge to love boys and girls who are tired of their daily lives begins to destroy the world.

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