Live-action version of ‘ONE PIECE’ visual release, the delivery decision in 2023

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Based on the popular comic by Eiichiro Oda, Netflix will produce a 10-episode drama series and exclusively distribute the live-action version “ONE PIECE” worldwide. The visual of the main character, Monkey D. Luffy, was recently unveiled, and the start of distribution in 2023 was announced.

When he was a child, the original Luffy longed for the great pirate red-haired Shanks he met in his hometown Fusha Village, and decided to become the “Pirate King” and set out on a boat to the ocean. In an unpredictable and eventful adventure, Luffy meets his trusted companions.

The recently released graphic shows Luffy (Inyaki Godoi) wearing his trademark straw hat and thrusting his right arm into the sky. In front of the rising sun and the ocean, which foreshadow the dawn of adventure, Luffy is about to say, “I will become the Pirate King!” is.

Japan’s top comic, “ONE PIECE,” has sold over 490 million copies worldwide. Serialization began in 1997 in “Weekly Shonen Jump” (published by Shueisha). It was led by the main character Monkey D. An epic story about the adventures of the pirates, “Straw Hat Pirates,” is depicted.

“Rookie” Inaki Godoy, who plays the role of Luffy, frequently posts daily shots on his Instagram that make you feel the “bonds of friendship” with Mackenyu Nitta, who plays Roronoa Zoro, and Jacob Romero Gibson, who plays Usopp. His innocent appearance attracts attention. Expectations are also high for a fresh lineup of co-stars, such as Colton Osorio in Luffy’s boyhood and Emily Rudd as Nami.

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