Online mahjong game ‘Mahjong Soul’ made into a TV animation in April Directed by Kenshiro Morii

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The TV animation of the online mahjong game “Jantama” has been decided, and it has been revealed that it will be broadcast from April under the title of “Jantama PONG.”

Kenshiro Morii of ” Grand Blues! ” Will be the director, and SCOOTER FILMS will be in charge of animation production. SCOOTER FILMS is a twin-engine group studio established in September 2021 after the animation production department (Dub Toon Studio) from DMM.futureworks.

“Mahjong Soul” is a game where you can select a character that will be your avatar and play against players from all over the country. Yuka Iguchi, Maaya Uchida, Ami Koshimizu, and others are appointed as the characters’ voices. Developed and distributed by a Chinese cat food studio, the Japanese version is Yostar, known as ” Azur Lane. “

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