‘Love All Play’ begins Yokohama High School model animation.

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The broadcasting of the anime “Love All Play” modelled on the badminton club of Yokohama High School (Nokendaidori, Kanazawa Ward) began on April 2. At the same high school, posters of works are posted around the school, and a particular introduction page is set up on the school’s homepage to promote it.

The original is a novel of the same name by a writer, Asami Osegi, who lives in Tsuzuki Ward. The story depicts Ryo Mizushima, the main character played by famous voice actor Natsuki Hanae, joining the badminton club of Yokohama Minato High School and struggling with his friends to win the Inter-High.

The title is badminton, which means “star of the game”. The Yokohama Minato High School model, which Mizushima and others attend, is Yokohama High School, and the work is supported by Ebina Yu, an adviser to the badminton club. Since last year, TV stations and production companies have visited the school several times, making preparations.

The appearance of the cityscape of Nokendai

In the video that was broadcast, the scenery that faithfully reproduced the platform of Nokendai Station on the Keikyu Line, the street in front of the station, and the high school building over the railroad tracks appeared. The exact height and the surrounding cityscape are drawn even during the work. Ebina’s teacher says, “Some characters have a different image from the actual model, but the streets to the school where the main character walks are drawn realistically.

I’m looking forward to future broadcasts.”

Broadcast on Yomiuri TV and Nippon TV every Saturday from 5:30 pm. Next time, on the 16th, the third episode is scheduled.

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