Postponed ‘Dragon Ball Super’ new movie, released on June 11 ‘We will do our best to all the staff.’

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The new release date of the movie “Dragon Ball Super Super Hero”, which had been postponed, has been decided on June 11. Toei announced on the 14th, “We sincerely apologize to everyone who was looking forward to the release in April. All the staff will work together for the new release date so that you can enjoy the work even more. We will do our best, so we hope you continue to wait for the release. “

It was confirmed that a third party illegally accessed the company’s network on March 11th and 6th this month and stopped part of the in-house system. This affected the airing schedule of the TV animation works produced by the company. Due to this influence, the release of “Dragon Ball Super Super Hero”, scheduled to be released on April 22, was postponed.

At that time, Toei said, “As previously reported, the production company Toei Animation had unauthorized access to the network by a third party, making it difficult to produce the work. Therefore, we had to postpone the release. I will inform you that it has become.”

The influence of the TV animation has already been produced has been eliminated. From the 16th, the four works of “Dragon Quest Die’s Adventure”, “Delicious Party ▽ (= Heart) Pretty Cure”, “Digimon Ghost Game”, and “ONE PIECE” are the latest stories ( New work) will be broadcast.

In the movie “Dragon Ball Super Super Hero.”

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