‘M Station’ 2 hours SP NiziU has a new ‘cool’ image! King Gnu, Johnny’s WEST, and Stray Kids performed their latest songs.

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Official HIGE DAN dism, King Gnu, Johnny’s WEST, Stray Kids, NiziU, HiHi on the “Music Station 2 Hour Special” (TV Asahi, 8:00-9:48 pm) broadcast on Friday, August 5th. Jets & Bishounen (Johnny’s Jr.) will appear.

Fantastic artists will appear one after another in this 2-hour special. NiziU performed the latest song, “CLAP CLAP.” MAYUKA said, “I think I can show you a cool NiziU that is quite different from usual.”

Regarding the dance, RIO said, “I want you to pay attention to the quickly changing formations. The center will change rapidly, so I think you will enjoy it.” In addition, MAYA said, “It’s a dance that can be enjoyed by the people who are watching the chorus as well as the CLAP sound of the chorus. Let’s CLAP CLAP together!” I’m happy,” he said, revealing the point.

She seems to be looking forward to performing with her senior Stray Kids, and MAKO said, “We used to practice together when we were JYP trainees, so this time we performed together at ‘M Station’ and performed live. I am very honored to be able to see it,” he said.

This is Stray Kids’ first performance at the “MSte” studio. They performed “CIRCUS,” included in JAPAN 2nd Mini Album. Regarding the long-awaited first performance in the studio, Lee Know said, “I’m nervous, but I want to enjoy it.” they said enthusiastically.

And Official HIGE DAN dism is the theme song of the popular anime “SPY x FAMILY” and “Mix Nuts,” which has surpassed 100 million streaming views. Satoshi Fujiwara commented on the music, “I made it with the idea that a family should be like this, and the definition of a family varies from person to person. That’s fine. That’s what I think.” He said, “I’m going to enjoy my performance, so I’d be happy if I could convey that even a little.”

King Gnu’s Osamu Iguchi, who performed the much-talked-about drama theme song “Ame Sansan,” said, “Look at this refreshing performance that King Gnu has never seen before.” Nozomu Kotaki of Johnny’s WEST, who performed the theme song “Hoshi no Ame” for the drama starring Daiki Shigeoka, commented, “Please look at the mature Johnny’s WEST.”

In addition, HiHi Jets & Bishounen will perform the official theme song “Mirai SUNRISE” for “TV Asahi/Roppongi Hills SUMMER STATION,” which they support. Mizuki Inoue of HiHi Jets said, “The songs we’ve sung in ‘SUMMER STATION’ in the past are also included in the lyrics of this song.” Bishounen Hidaka Ukisho also appealed, “The highlight is the power stage with a large number of people, where the two groups perform together.”

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