The Tokyo performance of the stage ‘World Trigger’ large-scale invasion opens. Official photos and comments released

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On August 5th, the Tokyo performance of “World Trigger the Stage” large-scale invasion began at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel Stellar Ball. Official stage photos and cast comments have arrived.

Excellent, A realistic reproduction of the world of the original! A large gathering of Mikumo-tai members and new characters Yuma Kuga

Keisuke First of all, I am thrilled to be able to deliver the second installment, and I love this episode of the large-scale invasion. We have prepared well to give a hot story in this world view. I would like to deliver the heat in the exhilaration firmly.

Osamu Mikumo: Takuya Mizoguchi Since
this is a large-scale invasion, there are many flashy battles. I want to tell you energetically so as not to be ashamed of the name of Physical Live.

High Rain role: Seijiro Nakamura
I saw “World Trigger” in the anime, but it’s a work that gets more and more immersed as it progresses, and I will do my best to make the audience immerse themselves in the stage.

Hughes: Shogo Sakamoto

I am thrilled to be able to participate in this work again. As an enemy that significantly moves the story, I want to do my best to have a significant impact and change for Border! eater

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