Management interview: What is the new development of the VTuber project ‘Buispo!’?

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The virtual e-Sports project “Buispop” started with the VTuber gaming team “Lupinus Virtual Games” to which Sumire Hanabusa, Nazuna Hanabusa, Kojaku, and Uruha Ichinose belong, and has now grown to a scale with 12 talents. ! “.

Members who belong to the group are mainly active in “game distribution,” and they are women. He has achieved good results at numerous events such as the invitation-only “Apex Legends” influencer tournament “CR Cup” held over the past five times, and the VTuber limited Batrowa tournament “VTuber Saikyo Finals” sponsored by Haru Shibuya. I will. In June 2021, the total number of YouTube channel subscribers exceeded 1 million. In commemoration of that, he will carry out new attempts such as the animation “0.2 Second Story” and the development of manga, which have attracted much attention in the past. We interviewed about prospects that have not been revealed so far.

I want to convey the efforts of the members as new value beyond the game ── Thank you. Recently, I worked with DeToNator on the “# Galleria U25 Support Project”, but once again, “Bispo!” Is very active. I think it is primarily due to the maturity of streamer culture. How do you perceive it? Busupo management: Thank you. “IntelThank you very much for your help at “FES”! Many people have indeed talked about it recently, but in reality, the management side is not aware of that. Compared to the time when the number of simultaneous viewers in the Ichi distribution was about 50, it has become possible to support more people. Still, from the beginning, it has not changed, “I convey the fun of the game and the wonderfulness of playing seriously. I want to be a project that creates opportunities for viewers to take on new challenges. I’m very grateful that you can see a lot, but I think it’s more important for a project where as many as one or two people are taking a new step.

Regarding the culture of streamers, South Korea and other foreign countries, where e-Sports has been pushed all over the country, have far more viewers than domestic ones and are mature. Considering such a situation, I think that Japan will be more exciting. Compared to foreign countries, I believe that a culture is being formed in Japan where the distributor (streamer) plays a central role in the market, rather than the professional gamer. Barrois titles, which allow time to communicate with viewers, such as waiting for matching, fit the culture. Mr. “Buispo!” It is a project where such streamers gathered. What was the background behind this start? Busupo management: Since SCRIM of “PUBG” managed many official tournaments and other game titles, we could convey the fun of the game too heavy users.

On top of that, I wanted to create content that would appeal to the light people who don’t have consumer hardware or gaming PCs, saying, “I want to play games.” So you paid attention to the streamer. So why did you associate “female VTuber” with that content? Busupo management: “Women’s success” is a point that is required even in real sports. E- When converted to Sports, virtual content seemed to have high synergies. Also, when I started a new project, I had the idea that I wanted to be a project that could convey new values. Also, the encounter with Sumire Hanabusa and Nazuna was excellent. First of all, since I was a beginner in games, he taught me a lot about games and the project, “By playing an active part, gamers can live happily while playing games, and the games they play are wonderful. I can tell you. If it becomes such a project, “he agreed. From there, I gradually set a specific direction. Could you tell us more about that direction? Busupo management: It’s a streamer scene where many players are active at a young age, but the “intensity of replacement” is the bottleneck.

The story created by each distributor tends to depend on the game title, and there are many cases where “the distribution of this game is popular, but viewers do not gather in another game.” And “FPS” and “Brown” are changing rapidly, and it can be said that it is a little challenging to continue setting a specific title. . I think it will become a good culture if more fans are attached to the distributor himself. The management side is always thinking of providing such support. ──I see. “Buispo!” It is also active in developing IP media mixes such as anime and manga, but that’s the intention. Busupo management: As mentioned above, the purpose of the project is to “tell the fun of the game and the wonder of playing it seriously, and create an opportunity for someone to take on a new challenge.” I don’t think that any entertainment can be content that ends with “becoming famous and getting sick,” so I always try to develop the project’s value in mind and share it with the members. For example, recently, Men I saw a comment on Twitter from a person who saw the activity of the bar, saying, “I saw how I was doing my best and decided to do my best to take the exam and get a job.” It would be great if we could help you take the steps of “let’s try” and “let’s do it again” in a way that goes beyond such games.

New members appear one after another, and the scene of activity that is expanding further ──You have a clear vision of “I want you to take on the challenge of something new with the project as the entrance.” Will we cover genres other than “FPS” and “Batrois” in the sense of “telling the fun of games” in the future? Busupo management: Yes, we plan to expand it. Currently, we are increasing the number of members by setting up a permanent audition. For example, like AKB48, I think that some members with various personalities may become fans of the entire group. I want to increase the presence of “Buispo!” By repeatedly approaching games of multiple genres and their fans. ──You mentioned the permanent audition, but what kind of talent are you looking for? Busupo management: You are a person who fits your way of thinking and culture. It doesn’t matter your skill level, but it’s better to play the game for a long time and improve your playing skills. Not long ago, Nazuna-chan’s “CS: GO (Counter-Strike:) Since many overseas users watched the “Global Offensive).” distribution, there is a feeling that “this value may be conveyed to countries other than Japan” depending on the game title, so in the future, I want to increase the number of members for overseas. Two more members have been decided in Japan, and we plan to increase the number of participation announcements gradually. Joining is a strong child with a certain title … Oh, it’s not “Apex Legends” (laughs). ──I’m looking forward to it! However, looking back, the result of gathering people who can sympathize with the mission is the current form of only individual talents. Busupo management: Individuality … That’s right (laughs). From the beginning, four Lupine Virtual Games were enrolled, from which Iris Black Games (Walnut A / Hinano Tachibana / Ren Kisaragi) and Cattleya Regina Two teams of Games (Rabbit Saki Mimi / English Lisa / Kusumi Sena) have increased and integrated into “Buispo!”, With Kyupi Kaminari at the beginning of the year and Beni Yakumo in April. I joined. The members who have recently joined are all active children, and some members are often referred to as “smiling” by fans, but that wasn’t the intention (laughs). In addition, this time as well, the selection was made according to the original idea. We hope that you will look forward to the participation of children who can answer firmly about the direction we are aiming for. ──I’m also interested in the overseas approach. Where is the language area envisioned? Busupo management: First of all, I am thinking about Greater China and English-speaking countries. VTuber is a Chinese video distribution site, “bilibili,” which is still a popular and deep-rooted category. Recently, the number of virtual talents who are gaining tremendous support from English-speaking countries is increasing. While there is a feeling that Japanese character IP is becoming easier to accept across national borders, the game’s content can transcend languages, so even current members who can not speak various words are fans all over the world through the game. I want it to be a bridge that connects the two.

“The story of 0.2 seconds” is now an anime with 12 episodes! ?? ──I’m very interested in new members and overseas expansion, but I heard that there is big news about animation development this time …! This may be “0.” announced in February 2020. Is it a follow-up to “The Story of 2 Seconds”? Busupo management: Yes! I want to do it. In all 12 episodes! ──Eh! ?? Busupo management: The scale is about the same as the terrestrial broadcast animation, and we plan to have a total of 12 episodes in about 20 minutes or more per episode. I hope that the time will be between 2023 and 2024. ──What is One Cool Animation? I am surprised at the more extensive project than I expected. Is it okay to recognize that all the members will appear here? Busupo management: Well, I am aware of that. However, I don’t want to force the members, so I’m thinking of recruiting performers at that time. Original characters other than them are scheduled to appear, and the voice actor belonging to the office will be in charge of the CV for that. The members of “Buispo!” They are now accumulating various episodes in their distribution activities, so it is an image of drawing a story while incorporating the contents a little. In addition, we adopt the production committee method for the cost of production, and basically, we think that we will invest as a promotion by having the majority of rights. Bispo! It is still a future project, so I would like to show people who support me to do this. I’m wondering if it’s okay to open it to members only … I haven’t decided on the seating yet. Because it’s a committee system, it’s not something that I can decide on my own, and I don’t want someone to get angry, so I’m around here (laughs). Stay tuned for more details. ──The level of “being able to do this” is very high (laughs). By the way, “0. As with “The Story of 2 Seconds”, is there any reason for sticking to animation development? Busupo management: I’m sorry to say that it’s a bit of a meta-story, but the essential attraction of VTuber is the experience that a deity like a character appearing in an anime “talks to me and me.” I think there is. When I first saw VTuber, I remember being very excited to hear such a cute character talking to me. However, at present, those factors have diminished a little. If you think that the anime impressed you, YouTube will respond to your comments. I think it is the role of the management side to enhance the attractiveness of such a project, and I think it is the mission assigned to the project in that culture. It’s also exciting to try something you haven’t done before. In the last few years, it’s a chair! While watching the tournament members and distribution, even if they lose at the tournament, I learned that many people support me by watching the “process,” such as efforts and challenges in practice so far. I did. If you try something and fail, you may be slandered, but I know that many fans support me more than that, so it’s great that I can do my best while having a sense of comfort. In addition to this anime, I would like to challenge many things with my fans. ──The challenge based on the trust of your fans is wonderful! Personally, as a step-up of VTuber, it is an easy-to-understand example that a 2D model becomes a 3D model, etc., but I am surprised that I can jump over it. Busupo management: Jump over … not always! It’s also moving in that direction, so please look forward to it (laughs). ──The new developments are really in full swing! Then, please give a final message to the fans who are full of expectations. Busupo management: “Buispo!” It is a project that aims to “tell the fun of the game and the wonder of playing it seriously, and create an opportunity for the viewer to take on new challenges.” Each talent is a group that distributes while thinking for themselves, and as an operation, we will challenge various initiatives such as animation. Some may fail, but the members are working hard on all of them, trying to expand the project’s possibilities. I would be grateful if you could support such a figure. Thank you for your continued support! The next-generation virtual e-Sports project “Buispo!” In the interview, we were able to ask about the number of simultaneous viewers in the early stages. Still, by the time, more than 10,000 people watched the new costume announcement delivery of Mr. Sumire Haname, which was carried out on March 15, 2021. became. Keep an eye on many new developments such as overseas expansion for new members and 3D models for animation.

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